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Both DF64E & DF64F are espresso only grinder. The adjustment is much harder than original DF64.


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i really doubt that this grinder can produce better grind compare to the original df64. moving the whole motor and maintaining burr alignment is not easy. look at Eureka mignon mechanism for example.

this is somebody review on the df64p

and this is another zero point adjustment. note that this df64p use different type run capacitor


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I noticed this new version of the G-Iota largely thanks to Kyle on YouTube and it seem to address lots of the criticisms and need for modding of the old, but unfortunately seem to introduce some new ones like making it Espresso exclusive and making calibration a PITA.

Have any of you in here got this newer version what's you impression of it.

The mentioned video by Kyle


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Turin DF64P - Upgraded and updated DF64

Thanks! Merged threads on same subject by moderator...


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Thanks did not show up on my search... but it's also several pages down don't seem to be much user experience yet.


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Not a considerate zero point adjustment system for people who want to change burrs to a different thickness :lol:


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Yeah it's a bit of a design flaw, I guess version 3 might be good, when they fix the mistakes they made in v2 hopefully they don't introduce new ones.


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The way I see it, this is significantly less likely to have the frankly bizarre alignment problems the original DF64 can have - most of them relating to the upper burr carrier, springs, and adjust ring/threading.

But with that said, they still didn't fix probably the strangest flaw of the original, and quite possibly the easiest to fix: The upper burr carrier really only has support around the screw holes! That just seems silly to me.


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That's not something special mazzer ZM is also fundamental fasten that way, Titus Nautilus is fasten with 4 long screws that goes through to the back those are just two examples of a somewhat similar way to fasten the "carrier", this is especially normal for grinder where the inner/low burr is the adjustable burr (Although Titus moves the outher)

Other design include a floating carrier that is only hold in place by a shear plate and a spring on the axis and where the front plate is screwed in place with two to four screws and where it pushes on the floating carrier.

Not all grinder use a threaded adjustment


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The DF64P maybe what I'm looking for.
But have to wait for a proper review on youtube first.