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DamianWarS wrote:as a mignon user, what do you grind at relative to the burr touch point?
I grind between 2/5 and 3/5 of a turn from touch point. It usually takes me about 9 to 11 sec. to grind 18g of medium to medium-dark roast.

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tzmon wrote:Around 0.5-0.75 from the touch point is what I'm currently using for a pretty light roast (with the Robot, dosing 18 grams). It takes around 15 sec to grind it with the hopper containing under 100g of coffee. I recently needed to go to nearly the touching point with a really light roast that was already around a month old.
I did a 0.5 from burr touch today and it gave me a 27s second shot with 2:1 yield, yesterday the same grind gave me a 25s shot (I meant to adjust it but I forgot). it takes me 26 seconds to grind with the hopper filled with approximately 100g of coffee. the grinder gets the job done but the variations are interesting, however probably related to the beans. I probably have less than 1kg through the machine and haven't had a lot of exposure to other beans.

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Your grinder seems slow to me. Did you check your burrs to see if they look correct? You can also check your serial number. According to Coff Hey in this thread on Coffeeforums UK ... urr-issue/ the issue was fixed starting with serial number PH00121, but some prior to that have incorrect / bad burrs.

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I've clean the unit out thoroughly which includes removing the burrs and inspecting them. They look as they should and there are no discernable differences between upper and lower and marked with the Eureka brand. the serial number of mine starts with PH00121... so it would indicate it does not have the burr issue that earlier SNs had. New burrs cost over $150 where I'm based, right now since I can dial it in with the burrs I'm going to leave it alone and test other coffees. Maybe I'll try doing some alignment with them. Has anyone tried the sandpaper method with the Specialita?

I should say I'm also using the DE1 and I'm going to switch it to a more traditional profile so I'm not messing around with preinfusion, at least for troubleshooting for the moment


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I only want to answer about the sandpaper method.
I remember very well, that last year i did a dial gauge measurement to a Specialita' ( made in 2018 but new, never used) lower burr carrier only, unless i have a faulty dial gauge, i could barely see the needle moving, maybe a lucky coincidence
So considering that the burr machining tolerance should be around 2 microns ( short memory, not completely sure about that) i think that before to risk to spray aluminum powder inside the bearing, a marker and shimming method should me less invasive.
I'm a declared sandpaper method hater :lol:

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indeed and useful advice, the tinfoil method may be a good first option