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Cedo wrote:Nope, in the US so 110v and no ring circuit and I do see the kettle affect other electronics.
That's because your at or above the rated circuit limit, my light also start flickering in that situation and other appliances also misbehave but these don't when I'm not. All systems allow a short span above the rated before the breaker kicks in. 110v on 15amp is around what a 1200w kettle current draw in peak, so having it run with a 400w grinder means it's going to be effected and above the rated for the group, something that can be done only very shortly.

This problem dos not exist in none 110v or ring final circuit as you would never be anywhere near limit unless you have tons of other stuff drawing on the same group.

I Would need to have two EKG and Two 78s to have the same issue on a 10amp circuit.

That's why 110v is antiquated it's simply not suitable for modern electric heavy consumption and ring final circuit is just flawed there lengthy article and good explanation in books and net of the challenges and issues with it and why most countries never introduce it.


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Nope, not above the rated circuit, nothing else running simultaneously on that 20amp circuit. Probably has to do with the house's old wiring that doesn't handle sudden changes in the load well, which is not uncommon in my area.


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Yeah that could well be it, I lived in flat prior to this with 100 year old fabric insulated brittle wires it did also very easily influence other stuff, my PID espresso machine could get everything to mess up at times, fuses went even before I where at limit.

Now I live in a flat with relatively new installations so I really need to push it hard. All my coffee gear is on a 10amp circuit that is basically on the same as all light, tv etc. nothing ever really happens, but yeah it could before we replaced all the wires in the kitchen, we even prepared it to take 400v.

I don't know how it is with sockets in US, but our is rated at 10, 13 or 16amp.


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My decent is hooked up to a dedicated 20amp circuit, it would still cause the lights to flicker while warming up.

This thread reminded me to call the power company since I upgraded my breaker box a few years ago. They came out and said they will replace the line from the pole to my house since those are very old.