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Can't wait to receive my Wug2 in black :twisted: I went with LS807 burrs only (for Espresso & filter). Curious to see fellow Wug owners.
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For those who are interested here's a little video. 18g of light roast beans in the espresso range with the Ditting LabSweet. It definitely doesn't take a minute to grind a dose (at least at the rpm I am using it).

Keep in mind that I was holding my phone with one hand to film this. The overall workflow is much more fluid when I have my 2 hands avalaible :D.


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I received mine a week ago and it's been amazing since the start. I didn't season it at all and tried 2 different roast profiles simultaneously and the grind settings is rock solid! I made a latte with a blend called "Butter" from Milano Coffee Roaster in Canada based on drH's recommendation and the latte was sweet with no bitterness (got that from conicals ). However, I tasted 3 shots with different grind settings and didn't like the straight espressos but they were acceptable on the MC4 which could be a dark/conical thing going on for the Mc4. Then I tried a light roasted Rwandan in Timemore Crystal Eye 00 dripper and it was phenomenal! Even better than my Forte BG which I enjoy for filter. Best thing is that I memorized the two grind settings and I go back and forth between them with the same predictable results. I'm impressed and fell in love with the grinder right from the start. If Dan agrees to giving me a discount, I'll sure buy another with different burrs and hopefully more burrs will be available (interested to see him doing the Mahlkonig 98 ek43 standard burrs too). Taste is subjective but now I get why all the hype about lab sweet and got to taste the sweetness for myself. I know I'm still in the honeymoon and more testing is required, so it'll be a while before I pass judgment on it. I got it for filter coffee but I find myself enjoying the lattes from it more than my MC4 which is the king of milk-based drinks! The E80 burrs is geared towards milk drinks too! Interested in hearing about them from other owners.
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i hope he makes a v2, in which the profits from this one can be used to hire a designer for the looks department..

Still want to order one (when it opens again)


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bakafish wrote:
Recently I found that the 804 LS for pour over was not that perfect for some very light roasts. It emphasizes the body and sweet, but the floral or fruity aroma is weaker, compared to the Mahlkonig Tanzania (ditting 805) even I changed the pour over method to improve it. It is still very good, just not as good as the Tanzania for the very light roasts, so both of them are my favorite grinders for pour over (one at home and the other at the office).
I have KR804 with Sweet burrs, and I just ordered the 804 machined burrs, which should be same burrs as your 805 but with screw holes, to get a clarity option in pour-over.

Does your 805 make high clarity power-over coffee? How would you describe its flavor profile in pourover compared to the Sweet burrs? Have you had pour-over from the SSP 80mm burrs - if so, how do their flavor profile compare to the 805/Tanzania burrs?

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I think I'm going to buy an 83A when they're available, along with the Lab Sweet's and all the other burr carriers. I only wish that it was capable of higher RPM's. Has everyone been satisfied with theirs so far?