SworksDesign 54mm flat burr Niche Zero conversion kit review

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#1: Post by barNone »

I just saw this pop up today. Seems like with the particular burrs for this conversion kit didn't blow away the reviewer. $250 and it's not up for sale on the sworks web site yet.

At 2:19, he says the burrs are Faema F(?)MPN 54mm espresso-focused burrs, which then leads into 2:24 where he says other burr geometries (cast, lab sweet style) are in the works. At 3:37 he points out that the the flat burrs yielded more acidity and less body for espresso vs. the stock NZ conical burrs.

Is 54 mm one of those odd burr sizes? That could limit options for replacements if so.


#2: Post by malling »

To my knowledge there more then one burr seize he tested it with so he might offer other down the line it's just he chose the cheapest 54mm version


#3: Post by Jonk »

Some more discussion at Niche Zero flat burr set conversion from sworksdesigns

It's not surprising that the Faema MPN burrs didn't blow him away, but it was quite exciting to hear about the new burrsets in the video. Might be upcoming burrs from SSP, we didn't get a lot of info there.. I'd be inclined to pick up whichever kit that will support the cast burrs.

The most popular burr in that size so far has been: https://prima-coffee.com/equipment/bara ... 0-barat-sp
..but it'd require reversing the motor (and perhaps a replacement sweeper to work well)