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Having both a 2022 MonoMax and MC4, I can say I prefer the MonoMax for almost all beans I've sampled. I know everything involving taste is subjective. Unsure if it comes down to not having an even size of burr between the two grinders, but flat tastes better to me.


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It's such a personal decision. I've spent the past year visiting local coffee shops, taking note of the grinders, and trying my best to evaluate the differences between the shots. It's not an A/B comparison because of the different beans, time between shots, and other variables, but to me, there's a definite difference between shots from the two grinders. It's as everyone says: flats bring out more flavors but conicals have more texture. Light-to-medium roasts with conicals lose a tiny bit of the flavor, but make up for it with extra body. To me, that's preferable, and so I prefer conicals. I'd imagine the benefit of conicals would be even more pronounced with the beans you prefer.