Surprisingly SSP told me that DF83 doesnt have the motor power for their Lab Sweet Burr

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i was thinking to update my stock burr to SSP burr.
i see that quite a lot of peopl recommended LS burr for pourover, so i have decided to give it a shot.
wanting to know more about red speed vs silver knight, i sent an email to SSP and ask for their view.
surprisingly below is the reply i received.
anyone in this forum has installed LS on DF83? can you please share your view or if something unfavorable happened during your journey?


I am sorry I would recommend MP burr set for DF83. it does not have enough motor power for LS type.


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I personally haven't tried SSP cast in a DF83 but MANY have that exact combo on the FB group and also amongst the YouTubers.

I remember Hansung posting on IG some less than stellar impressions on the DF83. His comments, in most part, didn't reflect my own experience.

He also told me the 83mm Cast were mainly a brew burr and able to do dark roast espresso, medium at best. While I understand where that comment is coming from, it certainly doesn't represent the vast majority of cast owners coffee preferences. They are often praised by modern coffee lovers for their great mix of texture and clarity + that famous "bump" in perceived sweetness in the cup.

If you've done your research and have decided that these burrs would suit your style and preferences better, just go for it!
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83 ls has a massive range in espresso so makes no sense, that with a light roast.

I think such comments is more in regards to some grinders not having enough torque to handle the burr in espresso setting with light roast than the burr itself

I like the burr better for espresso than I like it for brew.

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That is surprising and I wonder if SSP has personal experience with the DF83. In my hands on experience I found that the DF83 motor is very robust.

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thanks for the reply.

i just dont really understand why he mentioned the lack of motor power when it comes to SSP LS?
does it require huge motor power to drive LS?
or the "disadvantage" would be more palpable when it comes to espresso grinder?
can i take the comfort that i do 80% pour over therefore df83+SSP LS should be fine?

also that makes me think about:
if df83 lacks the power to drive LS, then i would deduct that df64 cant drive LS too?!

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same feeling. df83 feels really robust and the grinding speed is insane.
thats why im a bit struggling now as SSP owner told me this.

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FYI, Hansung alto told me that my Ceado e37s would not be able to grind light roasts with the 83mm LS, but I went for it anyway. I'm easily able to choke my espresso machines with this setup, and have never stalled. DF83 has a 550 watt motor vs the 500 watt motor in the Ceado, so I think I'd go for it if I were you. Maybe he just doesn't want to make any guarantees he isn't sure about.

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This is nonsense. If anything the DF83 is overpowered for the LS burrs. Mine can cut through green coffee with ease.

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mate you have LS on DF83?
hows it so far?
all good with the grinding? and the grinding size is consistent?

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ok so you are even able to grind light roasted beeans at espresso level?