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#11: Post by Jeff »

64 MP, 98 HU, even Option-O Mini Moonshine burrs are going to extract "faster" than classic burr sets, as others have pointed out. Working on a new-to-me machine without flow control has been a challenge in thinking. I agree with dropping the pressure to 6 bars at the pump. You probably also want shorter ratios than you might have been used to on the Niche Zero. For me, the Niche was around 1:2.5 to 1:3, but the faster burr sets are in the 1:2 range to get a good balance. My next step is to drop the temperature, probably to around 85-90°C.

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#12: Post by iyayy »

may i suggest 20~25s, 1.5~1.8yield @ 9bar?
shots will accelerate fast, so u'll need to grind much finer.

for the very fine grind settings, i tend to find pi 9~11s (inclusive total shot time) helps allow finer grind but also saturates the puck well before flowing and avoid chokes, resulting in more controllable flow behavior (still accelerates).
shorter pi for medium.

i use 64mm mp and bdb, this is how i pull my shots. note that window for dialing in is very narrow. i have no idea if this would work on 98mm hu, but curious about it myself. if the behavior of 64mp and 98hu is similar, i think it might work.

nice setup u have there.
good luck.

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#13: Post by pawesen »

+1 to what has been said above. I wouldn't recommend a bottom paper filter unless it's a high resistance lab filter, otherwise the lower resistance will force you to grind finer which will extract faster and will be even more of a difference compared to the niche. 10-15s shots are pretty common with these type of burrs. I really doubt they come out underextracted, maybe that's what you associate acidity with. If you're not liking the acidity I'd suggest increasing the buffer in your water, the acidity can be pretty harsh with lower buffer. Dropping general hardness is also pretty common, I'd recommend 20/80 GH/KH as a good starting point.
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#14: Post by ron231 »

EvanOz85 wrote:No. You want less preinfusion for these high clarity flats and their more unimodal grind size.

To the OP: You'll likely have better luck with turbo-style shots. Those HU burrs are high extraction burrs and you don't need to approach espresso with the traditional 9bar/30sec mindset.

An interesting assertion, I completely and totally disagree though. Long pre-infusions work great for reducing excessive brightness, something you get a lot of with light roasts on large flats.