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Whoever thinks this grinder is "a project" or made for tinkers, obviously doesn't own a V2. V1 was launch edition. Flaws and quirks were expected. V2 is really good.
It might very well be the last version.

Australia and New Zealand DF83 V2 has a nicer dial sticker, DLC Italmill burrs and tilted cup holder. It's also way pricier. I don't know if there will ever be a V3 with the Australian specs but the V2 is an amazing grinder. Very different from a DF64 which was Turin's first ever grinder.
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Haha sorry dude didn't mean to ignore anyone.
I am relatively new to electrical grinder & flat burr, so it will get better after I have grinded few kg of beans?

Re your pt4
I checked a video on YouTube by espresso outlet I believe who showed metal declumper+plasma, result look promising though I'm not sure if they have much fines like I do.
And sorry what's Cast?


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LMWDP #592

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ok guys.
so i have tried a passive strategy this morning.
after grinding, i just dont press the bellow and use what inside the cup only for brewing.
without those extra fines from bellow, even Kono filter works better then!


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You definitely shouldn't use the bellow to get everything out when doing brew. It's something you do after. If you do it anyway you will just get more fines particles into the grind that you brew with. Not really recommended.

The bellow is something needed to be done at espresso range, if you don't it will reduce the quality of the filter brew after it and result in grinds build up. It's very important you clean you grind path before doing brew when you have brewed espresso. It's often advisable to actually run a few cleaning beans at brew grind through before you grind and push the bellows as this will reduce some of the retention that might still be there after espresso.

But successive brew after a brew will almost always be cleaner, this is basically true for almost all grinders as there no such thing as a zero retention grinder. All grinders benefit from a few clean up beans.

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i found the flow rate ok with #70 on V60 (didnt press bellow)

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i found these things somehow useful in reducing fines.
they restrict the inflow of beans, and the result seems to have a bit less fines.

but right, i think fundamentally the original burr isnt that for pour over.


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XJ9 wrote:So right now I didn't remove the only one declumper...
I saw from YouTube that someone suggested not to press bellow should improve pour over experience
I suspect you have V1 and likely running the steel burrs. I suspect if you had V2 and the DLC burrs that you might find your results to be significantly better. Been switch between espresso and filter on a regular basis. I recommend you drop a couple of beans in to flush through whenever you change your grind setting prior to grinding your dose.