Static Issue with Timemore 64s

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#1: Post by Samile »

I got a Timemore 64s recently and experienced some static issues.
The knocker is not enough to release all the static build up. I have to pound on the hopper for everything to fall off. Sometimes it's so much that the moving part of the chute won't snap back into place.

Also the dosing cup is very static. When emptying into a pour over filter the coffee clings everywhere in the outside of the cup. It's also quite hard to get it empty.

Now I'm wondering if I'm doing something completely wrong or if anybody of you having a similar experience with that grinder.

Cheers, Sam

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#2: Post by Pressino »

It could be coffee-related. Are you grinding decaf/very dark roasts?

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#3: Post by stumpt »

That looks pretty bad. Are you spraying the beans before grinding?

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#4: Post by spressomon »

Per above, RDT is your friend.
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Hi, yes the roast is pretty dark. It's 100% Arabica at the moment. Not sure if that makes a difference.
I tried to get around RDT and hoped that the static will collect the chaff on the knocker. That's what I saw in reviews. I heard everywhere that this grinder was supposed to have low static.

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I tried different Coffee today.
Also a dark roast. Roasted on Oktober 6th.
50g in and 49.4g out. 0.4 grams did cling to the grinder because of the static.

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#7: Post by Jonk »

I've had no issues with static with mine so far. Ground some pretty dark Mokaflor Blu. Best catch cup I've ever used with regards to static... But my dose has been 20g or lower.

Air humidity also has a big impact. Just RDT if you're having issues, it's pretty easy and the burrs are stainless.

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Jonk wrote:Air humidity also has a big impact.
^^ This. In our area, RDT is unnecessary in the summer and nearly mandatory in the winter.
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