SSP Red Speed coated burrs - Testing

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#1: Post by DucaiMann »

HI All,

I have received some Mazzer Super Jolly burrs and will be doing some testing with them to see if the difference is noticeable from the original burrs.

I'll test grind consistency, speed, and taste in cup. Results coming soon!


#2: Post by JayBeck replying to DucaiMann »

Looking forward to reading more!


#3: Post by mdmvrockford »

DucaiMann, I also am looking forward to your SSP red speed coated burr review for the Mazzer Super Jolly.

Just curious, do you have a TDS meter as part of your analysis? Do you have any access to another big flat burr grinder with stock burrs for comparison? I do realize taste is the best and ultimate determinant.

Thank you in advance for doing this.
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#4: Post by Prairiedawg »

And perhaps a sifter. Then we can compare results to what I found as well.. (I also installed the same burrs in mine.)
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#5: Post by dvanderson2 »

No sifter... no TDS... but I've been using the SSP red-coated Super Jolly burrs in a Mazzer Mini E for a few days now, having upgraded from regular SJ burrs. The SSP burrs grind a little faster - 8-10%. In the cup the crema seems a bit thicker and there seems to be broader, deeper flavor profile. I'm liking what I'm getting so far...

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#6: Post by roadman »

Today I replaced a sharp 3 month old set of OEM Mazzer Super Jolly burrs with the SSP Red Speed burrs. The OEM burrs that were replaced were fully broken in. The SSP burrs were fresh out of the box.

1) The SSP burrs are built to a tighter tolerance. When installing the SSP burrs the holes on the burrs must be lined up precisely with the holes on the carrier in order to be mounted. The OEM burrs have a good amount of wiggle room.

2) SSP burrs have a top and bottom designation. The OEM pair have no top and bottom designation-both can be mounted in either position.

3) The SSP burrs are faster. 7 seconds vs. 11 seconds for a 17g dose.

4) When dialing in, the SSP burrs have a much wider sweet spot compared to the OEM burrs.

The shots from the SSP burrs had better mouthfeel and flavor separation than the OEM burrs. This difference was not subtle-it was visceral, clear, and obvious.

Lastly, many thanks to Eric from Lever Craft Coffee for arranging the Red Speed group buy and for the bag of fresh roasted coffee he generously sent along with the burrs. Yay Eric!


#7: Post by walt_in_hawaii »

Haven't mounted my set of burrs, but wanted to chime in the thank Eric for his generosity as well!

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#8: Post by roadman »

Well I guess I'm not being delusional about the improved shot quality. Gave my wife her morning espresso today. When she took a sip, her eyes lit up and she said, "Wow, that was good! What did you do to the coffee, it tastes fantastic?"

WAF for the SSP burrs just went to 11 :lol:


#9: Post by Kryptonicspb »

Im gonna start here before making another thread, not meant to hijack :)

I have a Ceado E6P, it has 64mm burrs.....would these 64mm SSP burrs be a drop in replacement for ANY 64mm grinder?


#10: Post by pthai.rx »

I would like to thank Eric as well for putting together the group buy. He was very responsive to all my questions and I received my set of SSP burrs quickly after he received them from SSP. I would definitely buy from Eric again.

The SSP burrs replaced my stock Mazzer Mini E burrs. Grind time is much faster. It takes about half the time to grind the same amount of beans compared to the stock burrs. I have noticed increased clumping with the SSP burrs though. Has anyone else noticed this?