SSP MP Burrs in Single Dose Super Jolly vs Fellow Ode Gen 2?

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Question for the coffee community. For my filter coffees, I'm currently using SSP MP burrs in a Mazzer Super Jolly with a single dose mod. I get great cups with juiciness and clarity.

My question is, should I get a Fellow Ode Gen 2 if I'm seeking cleaner cups with even more clarity, or would I not see a significant difference? I'd plan on putting the SSP MPs in the Ode. Lmk your thoughts!


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You'd get less retention, a nicer workflow, easier adjustments (but stepped) and a smaller footprint but doubt it would have a huge effect on taste unless you're getting a lot of stale coffee retained in there.

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#3: Post by Milligan »

Agreed. It is worth the change though for workflow alone. I used a Super Jolly for awhile and it was annoying looking back. The Ode is much easier to use day to day.


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Save for a 80mm grinder or bigger although for filters 80mm is supoerb. 64mm is really good but 80mm SSP will do a even better job at what you want.

How is your water? I just switched and it made a huge difference. I now add tap water to my Zero Waterto get up to 50ppm and it certainly gave more clarity compared to the BWT Magnesium filters.

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I have a DF83, so I've got bigger burrs. Right now I have the stock burrs in there, so I may get the 83mm SSP MP Burrs. I also have a DF64 with the SSP Cast and the DF64V with the DLC stock burrs. Too many choices and combos with the flat burr market lol

And I'm spoiled with NYC water. It brews great coffee.


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Do you get more clarity w/ the DF64 SSP Cast over the stock 83mm burrs?
I have the DF83 v2 w/ SSP HU burrs. I bought it like that so I have not tried the stock burrs. But the clarity is very good w/ the 83mm HU burrs.

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The 64mm SSP have better clarity than the 83mm Italmil. In my experience, the quality of the burr set, or the type or burrs will have more impact than burr size. Although I need to experiment with more 83mm burrs. I've never upgraded them.

I've tried a bunch of 64mm burr sets.

Favorite for filter: SSP MP (I love clarity for filter)
For a juicy/high clarity espresso: the DLC stock Df64v burrs are great (more balanced than the MP and better clarity than HU).

For a universally balanced shot, I love the SSP Cast.