SSP Lab Sweet 64mm

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Saw these were opened for preorder today, thinking about them as a replacement for the stock burrs in my DF64. Some videos I've seen on the Ditting 804s have me very intrigued!


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Saw that on their Instagram feed too. A couple of people asked in the comments about using those burrs in their Ode, which is what I would use them for too. I think I'm going to wait and see the reviews though, after some other members try them..largely because I don't do filter coffee all that often.


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I'm surprised they said they are brew oriented burrs. I always figured the Lab Sweet geometry was espresso focused, but happened to produce great filter coffee too.


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I can't believe no manufacturer thought of building a proper home grinder based on the LS807 burrs! Wug2's shaft and low RPM worry me and now SSP's trying to mimic the burrs with the smaller 64mm size (they tried copying the pre 2015 EK43 cast burrs and couldn't do it with the same 98mm size!). Imagine a Lagom P80 with the original LS807 burrs! Now that's a grinder I'll buy without hesitation.
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Such a grinder would be very expensive, no less so then those 98mm. Not one SD grinder has ever used Ditting nor Mahlkonig burrs as stock, probably because Ditting charge a pretty penny for it.

Yes ssp could not replicate the ek43 pre 2015, so I would also not put my hope on them being able to do with lab sweet in a smaller version.

Personally I think the rational is you can simply sell more 64mm then 80-98mm. These large burr SD are so niche that these aren't exactly selling in large quantities, it's not like you stumble upon Kafatek, Titus, Weber, Levercraft or Option-O every day, it is a fraction of home users who has one. Niche on the other hand is everywhere and there is probably also more Df64 and soon Oro SD in peoples homes, if this type of burrs can close the gap even more, I think allot would rather save the money and space for something else.


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True but I think that a lot of people are interested in the LS807 burrs and if some niche boutique made this grinder, it would hurt the rest of the boutiques! Lagom P80 will probably sell more than P100 even if the price is the same. It'll hurt their own grinders as well :mrgreen:
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There is one the Eg-1 and there where also another 80mm grinder on the road map the Ozik Column that where design so it could take them, but it seems to be shelved indefinitely along all the other Ozik grinders, so much I doubt it will ever see the day of light.

I don't see any of Kafatek, Weber Workshop, Option-O, Titus making one as none of them can even keep up with current demands and Weber already have an 80mm and are now cooperating with Acaia on a 64mm on top of the Key so of obvious reasons not going to add more, Kafatek has a 75mm so it's certainly isn't coming from them either and are now focusing on own burrs and has two other grinders to care for, option-O has 38/48mm, 64mm and 98mm so also rather unlikely especially as they will have a 64mm look alike burr set And Titus are working on a 70'ish version of their Nautilus, so we can bury them as well.

Who is exactly going to bring it to the market, we will need a new player on the SD grinder front. That player where supposed to be Ozik, but that didn't come to fruition, the question remain if other will have the will after that, especially as there is already a handful of established companies.


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What about the Eureka Helios 80? Would the burrs fit that?


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Seems the 80mm lab sweet burrs (and ssp versions) may fit the new Wug2-83A grinder.

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LewBK wrote:What about the Eureka Helios 80? Would the burrs fit that?
Generally only Eureka burrs fit Eureka grinders as their seizes are a bit odd, so you need burrs that are specifically designed for Europe like SSP has done for the Mythos. I certainly would not buy it with the expectation that these will fit.

Wug2-83a will have a specific carrier from April-June that can take it, but I'm still far convinced about it and it's trying to be all, it just doesn't strike me as a truly finish product but more a home project.