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HU burrs aren't for clarity at all these are for traditional styled espresso, these are basically just improved traditional espresso burrs with low clarity.

The HU are very mellowed and blended are you absolutely sure it's what you got? and not the MP that are indeed higher clarity burrs that tend to underline all extraction and roast errors ?


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Jimjam168 wrote: I ran my SSP HU burrs for about a year through my P64 and found found the acidity slightly more unpleasant than the clarity was worth.
As Mikkel commented, I'm also guessing you mean the MP burrs. From what I've gathered the LS V2 are like the MPs but with the sharp acidity and high clarity turned down a few notches and the perceived sweetness and body turned up a few! Which is really the style of espresso I enjoy. I like clarity, but I'm willing to sacrifice some for more sweetness and body - although I don't think I'm anywhere near the HUs.

I'm still really curious on how far from touch people are grinding for espresso? I mean it must be at least 100 microns from touch, right?

Thanks for your answers ;)


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Installed the cast burrs in a df64 and after replacing the declumper and running a few kilos of coffee through, I'm a bit lost on settings.

So far, it's pretty interesting how few fines I seem to get and how even the grind size looks visually. My pourovers (12:200, 20:300, 30:500, 100g pours on April brewer) all drawdown so quickly and want to see what settings/methods you guys are having success with. Can anyone please share some rough settings (from zero) for pourover and espresso? Just want to get in the ballpark.

Thanks for the help!

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I do have the HU burrs and what I noted above remains true, I've found a much larger sweet spot and more forgiveness with the LS in my P64. The acidity has been rounded to something I prefer by probably around 25% I'd say but YMMV- perhaps my alignment was slightly off or I had another bad set (I had to have prima send me a new burr set the first go because my batch had a defect)

So slight improvements for my taste. Wouldn't this make sense as this burr set should have more fines to achieve this result than even the the HU?


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i played with both LS and MP for awhile.
my experience with several handgrinder and ssp was similar.
new burrs will have a somewhat wider than expected workable settings, particularly ssp LS.

i was running between 45-90 on df64 with both.. seemingly cant figure out a particular balance. they were all good at varying dose/yield or can be easily adjusted to work, particularly the LS.
what i do figure out quickly was these burrs extracts faster, yield and brew temps matter much more. reducing both helps improve flavor and concentration, which is very needed for mp to avoid tea thin coffee.

even if you exceeds extraction, with ssp there wont be much of any roughness, more a dusty kind of bitter taste or a dry mouth and throatfeel, so indication of overextraction is less noticeable than normal burrs, and i regard this trait as true value of these ssp.

burrs do season out into consistent pattern upon usage.. its about 3 weeks for my k burr, and several months (quite long) for my ssp MP. the base characters then become more defined, and its much easier to adjust and show difference. it also sounds nicer in grinding.

now i have a general idea where to start. im usually around 65 for 8g, 80 for 10-13g, and 86+ for 20g. light roasts will be coarser.
i think for LS i'll be at least 10-20 point finer.
for brew i use nell drip mostly and v60 in office.


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Still waiting for the promised by Option O cast burrs...


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Do flat burrs like the SSP lab sweet that promise a heavier body and more texture than more unimodal burrs like the SSP Multipurpose also have a heavier body and more texture in comparison to conical burr grinders like the Niche Zero? Or only relative to unimodal style flat burrs?


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imo i think if placed on a line,
left = thick textured, right=clarity thin,
conical starts from far left and goes right, and flat starts from somewhere middle, italmill goes left, LS goes right, and mp goes fo end of right.
i've yet to see or read both, its more of a context within conicals or within flats. even HU is said to have clarity, hence sitting on possibly slight right. granted i might be wrong since i dont have hu or large conicals, but the base character and tendency seems to follow that line.

anyway here's my personal experience.
i had arco, 1zk, df64, ls and mp. now im on 1zk and mp only.
in thickness, it goes
arco >> df64italmill > 1zk> LS, and way further Mp.
there is just more sticky residue from italmills and conicals.
i tried a 1:3 ratio on arco, it still has thicker than 1:2 shot on LS and have more sticky residue despite more dilution. i dont think any flats can reach conicals inherent liquid thickness, and paritcularly italmills.

goeeyness aside, LS taste juicier than 1zk. it seems there is more richness in flavor despite the slightly lighter viscosity, and also emphasis a bit more sweetness, the 1zk a bit more on acid/sourness. this leads to a mouthfull/satisfying feel of fullness when drinking LS shot despite being light on the tongue and throat, but im not sure if that is also considered thickness, hence my description on viscosity, richness and residue instead. what i call salty might be another person's vinegar or acid.

it is also different than arco's thickness. Arco's is not rich in taste, but feels like drinking concentrated liquid that leaves a residual aftertaste of a coffees sweetness but not much noticeable complexity. think classic black coffee..


of course you may probably adjust brew methods, pi, profile, etc to land a different shot closer to desired thickness or clarity, but u will still be closer to ur starting point.


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iyayy wrote: i had arco, 1zk, df64, ls and mp. now im on 1zk and mp only.
Thanks for the detailed reply. For clarification, when you say '1zk' do you means the 1zpresso K Plus hand grinder?