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rurika wrote:Hmm. I have DF64v2 with lab sweet silver knight. Bought it pre-alignmented from espressooutlet last week. I can choke my machine if I dial DF64v2 less than 12 for light roasts. My dial is 13~14 for light roasts. 16~17 for medium roasts. Try dark roasts today and it still choke my machine at 23 (took about 2-3 minutes for 20g in 40g out)

The machine is Lelit Bianca v2 with stock portafilter (made by IMS).
I've just received my DF64v2 last week and installed the cast burr myself. My DF64 did not have the new metal dial indicator but it does seem to have a different burr carrier (top and bottom) design. It comes with a clear o-rings around the ID of the burr. I assume it's the v2 not the v3? I took some pictures and I can post them if someone wants to see them :)
However, it seems the SSP burr has a different height around the ID. The original o-ring leaves a slight gap between the fixed/rotary burr with its carrier. I've seen some photos where grind gets trapped inside the fixed burr carrier.
I ended up order #128 o-ring off amazon and replaces the factory o-rings on both fixed and rotary burr carrier. Technically the fixed burr carrier should use a #129 o-ring, but you could easily fit the same #128 o-ring with a slight stretch.
I've also replaced big o-ring around the fixed burr carrier as i found it does not seal the grind chamber fully. I replaced it with #147 o-ring and it fits around the chamber nicely and still move freely during adjustment.
I went ahead and aligned my burr, my zero point is a little bit pass 3 o'clock position on the adjustment ring. Went through a kg of cheap walmart beans and i made a shot with my usual medium-roast bean at grind setting 10. Anything lower would most likely to chock my Lelit MaraXv2 with stock IMS basket.

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As someone who currently has an HG-1 Prime, Vario w/steel burrs and Forte internals, 1Zpresso K-Plus, and also a Monolith MC-4 and MAX w/SLM burrs on the way, would there be any reason to own a grinder with these SSP cast burrs as well? Anything particularly interesting and different I could get from them? Or am I pretty much covered?


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I'm choking my machine with the df64 and LS burrs at "5". I think there is more to gain with better burr alignment


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Hi, I'm also running into the "need to excessively season the CV burrs" problem. I've run about 2kg through them now and I have definitely noticed an improvement, but I've read in multiple places now the need for for closer to 10-15kg seasoning. WOW.

Any suggestions on where to buy cheap beans to season the burrs? I had a bad experience buying Seattle's best dark roast coffee once to season burrs and it left this awful, lingering after taste for a long time. It was not "Flavored" coffee either (supposedly). That might have been a fluke thing. So, a good "safe" set of mediocre beans -- I do have a Costco membership. Maybe this: ... 39945.html (??)

A bit wasteful, but less wasteful than running premium 3rd wave coffee through the grinder just to get so-so cups.

Also, I am concerned that grinding away for 10kg+ of beans will be very hard on the Fellow Ode motor? Any suggestions?


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dsc106 wrote:Any suggestions on where to buy cheap beans to season the burrs?
Talk with your local roaster, who may have blown, test, or stale roasts. Please consider tipping well as you've used their time.

If your home grinder feels warm, then it is definitely time to give it a rest and "have a beer" as it cools down. I tend to use a 1/4 cup scoop or basket and check for stones or other problems, rather than just dumping in to the grinder. It took me a few days to run 10 kg through a set of new burrs on a DF64.


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Thanks for the tips! I was able to get some stale beans from a local roaster.

For seasoning, what grind setting is best? Finer? Usually with the SSP CV on Ode I brew around 5,0 (5 clicks off chirp). What would be best to season at... perhaps finer at 3,0? Or finer still?

I have stale light & medium-light (veering closer to light) beans, which I understand might be a little harder on the motor?


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Does anyone have any experience comparing the red speed vs silver knight versions of the lab sweets? Weirdly the red speeds only seem to be available as refurb units from espressotools, all the other sellers have silver knight, does that have any effect on the performance? I'm particularly interested in whether either of them would be suitable for espresso, there seem to be a lot of conflicting opinions on that.


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Lots of comparisons in this thread and fellow ode thread between the two. SSP red MP are sharper/clearer, more clinical transition between flavors, thinner body. In short, highest in clarity. CV silver are blunter/smoother, more rounded out and fuller body. Less clarity but softer/fuller, some might say they perceive less clarity and more sweetness.

It's very hard to describe but that's the idea. You can taste distinct flavors on each. Some beans perform better than one vs the other. I'd recommend reading the thread and watching lance Hedrick YouTube review comparing these. beyond that, not much more one can say except you'd need to taste for yourself. Both make great coffee.


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Thanks. Just to be clear, are you describing performance for pourover or espresso? The main thing I'm unsure about is the espresso performance, since the consensus seems to be that the cast burrs are great for pourover. Opinions seem all over the place on espresso though, with some people reporting great results, but others saying that there are too many fines/too much body making it unpleasant. Since you also have a Niche, how do the espresso results compare to that? I'm generally pretty happy with the Niche for espresso, I like the body, and the flavor is good, but I don't get a lot of complexity, and I'm really disappointed with its pourover performance.


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Some people are saying that once the burrs are seasoned they can't get fine enough for espresso... someone else would have to speak to that though I just use for drip. Everything else on flavor profile is true on drip or espresso.