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Primacog wrote:Given the user experience of many here who have tried and use the SSP Lan Sweet cast 64mm burrs, I would like to ask how do they stack up in respect of Espresso against the original Ditting Lab Sweet cast 80mm burrs that they were copied from?

Of course I expect the original 80mm cast burrs to produce "better" tasting espresso given the larger burr size and the fsct tbatbthey r the origjnals but I am interested to know what is the margin of difference? Givnlen that the ditting 807 costs more than 6 times the cost of a df64 with the ssp lab sweet burrs, even if the original ditting burr set makes 5 per cent better tasting espresso, i may as well get the ssp burrs since they r so much cheaper. What do you think?
The Ditting has more perceived sweetness, more body but also less clarity.


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Thanks mailing for sharing your first hand experience with both burr sets. Am I right that you did find however that the ssp cast lab sweet burrs did nevertheless have that characteristics cast steel ditting sweetness to a more marked degree than any other burr set you have tried other than the original ditting cast 80mm steel burrs?
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Yes I do think the Cast has more of that cast body and sweetness to it. I think Cast are the only burrs that can give you both body and clarity, normally with machined it's been either body or clarity, the moment you get body you tend to also have more blending and muting of flavours that can give a bit of a muddy impression, the moment you get clarity you can get very thin/fragile body with very short after taste and abrupt transition. Obviously it's a scale of to how much degree it is but in 64mm it tend to be very clear in 98mm you do get a bit more variance in performance of machined burrs probably because there simply more room to play with in the crushing and cutting area.


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Assuming enough people show interest and purchase cast 64mm burrs do y'all think it's likely a 98mm cast version will be made? Wondering if the p100 will someday have a sweet cast option.

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No doubt there are plenty of people who will pay the $500+ for the dream in 98 mm. I'm far from convinced that "cast" makes a difference compared to machining a geometry. The Bentwood is evidence that a dual-purpose grinder comparable or better than the Lab Sweet doesn't need to have cast burrs. I think it's luck that the geometry of those burrs balanced for many people's tastes and that they happened to be cast. It's great that these, specific burrs are filling a gap in choices.


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Then there is indeed a lot of luck involved when it comes to cast, 98mm EK43 pre 2015, Ditting 804 and later Sweet lab version & cast 64. Has all been my favourite 98mm, 80mm and 64mm burrs, that is some coincidence and until SSP made the 98mm brew their best was still the modified cast and the 98mm brew is mostly intriguing because it's ridiculous clean I think it's pretty certain cast do something, many cast the pre breaker are noticeable different from machined not just from a geometry stand point but also texture.

I tried more machined burrs then I like to admit and I yet to see some that where quite there, they all tended to fall within a certain cup characteristics, this has been especially true with all the 64-83mm burrs.


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Any chance that 64mm are similar to real 80mm?
I have the latter and like it very much
I'd ike a new 64mm burr (for modding my gf atom60)
anyone experience on both?
are they identical like 90%?
or completely different?


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Jeff wrote:No doubt there are plenty of people who will pay the $500+ for the dream in 98 mm. I'm far from convinced that "cast" makes a difference compared to machining a geometry.
I'm sure the coffee beans have no idea how the burrs were made. But the difference in geometry looks pronounced. My guess is that this type of geometry can be cast, while others need the kinds of precise sharp teeth you only get from machining. Casting should be a cheaper process ... so if the geometry allows it, manufacturers would likely prefer casting.

A question not answered by this line of reasoning: why aren't cast burrs cheaper?


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paulraphael wrote:while others need the kinds of precise sharp teeth you only get from machining.
The teeth on the 804 cast Sweet burrs appear to be machined. All are machined/cut from the cast, no?

Aren't the edges (teeth) machined here:


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Aren't all cast burrs also needing tp be machined before they can cut? Thus the only difference between cast and fully machined burrs is the character of the metal itself as a result of their different formation origins. As far as I can understand it and as far as it concerns coffee appreciation, the only relevance for different metallurgical origins would pertain to their surface texture and perhaps how fine is the cutting edge imparted ? I recall reading some members here theorising that the rougher texture om the surface of the cast burrs vs fully cnc machined burrs meant the beans were rolled in a more spherical fashion...
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