SSP EK pre 2015 98mm burr vs original pre 2015 EK burrs

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Hey all

Found both sets of burrs on the second hand market, with the originals obviously being more expensive. I was wondering if anyone here on the forum has had any experience with both of them and whether they had a preference for either.

Thanks all!


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You should read through this thread if you haven't already:

98mm Burrs for Brew

It has some good info on the two and the technical differences between them. I'd say the summary is that both are really good for filter. People generally prefer the original EK burr if you can get it, but if not, the SSP version is still really good. I have the SSP version in my Nautilus and am very happy with them.

And SSP now has a new "brew" 98mm burr available through Titus that may actually be closer to the original EK pre-2015 that also may be a slight improvement over the previous SSP version.

IridiumBlackberry (original poster)

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Thanks for linking that thread!

Haha, another one? We need a review channel of some sorts for burr sets.

The original pair that I'm considering, are reground and silver knight coated. Do think that the regrinding process would have modified the geometry in any way?


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I don't believe so, but I don't know enough about the process to really comment. Someone else probably can.


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SSP 98mm "Brewing" Burrs

Includes experiences with original EK pre 15 and SSP cast I think and the new SSP Brew burrs