SSP Burrset for Rancilio MD50

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Justice Strike

#1: Post by Justice Strike »

I'm in the middle of upgrading my coffee gear. Using a rok with a stock md50 but looking to get a flair 58 or robot. I was thinking about getting the SSP burrs as an upgrade for the grinder, as it is still running strong, but am unable to find out if they sell any burrset that would fit. \

They do sell 64mm flat burrset for the Mazzer Super Jolly, the Anfim Caimano and the ECM. However i'm unsure if the burrs for any of these models will fit a rancilio md50.

Obviously i've tried to contact the company 3 times, but haven't received a response yet. Does anyone have any experience with this and/or know if it will fit?

Justice Strike (original poster)

#2: Post by Justice Strike (original poster) »

Really? Noone knows anything about the sizing and dimension difference of the burrs between models?

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#3: Post by cranberry »

Probably won't fit, since both burrs (Mazzer and Anfim/ECM) have a smaller inner diameter than those of the MD50. (37mm vs 38mm)

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#4: Post by ira »

      Rot OD ID Thk
MD50  lh  64 38 9.0
SJ    rh  64 37 8.5

Justice Strike (original poster)

#5: Post by Justice Strike (original poster) »

and the screw location? is that the same?

I think 37mm inner diameter might not be a problem. Thickness might also not be a problem as i can just screw it in further (or shim it if needeD) but if the screw holes don't line up this will not work.

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#6: Post by shayner »

I believe they both have a 50mm mounting diameter.

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#7: Post by ira »

I think they rotate in opposite directions, my info says SJ is RH and MD50 is LH rotation. Best check that first, guess it wasn't clear in my chart. Forgot to make it "code." I'll fix that now.


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#8: Post by Marcelnl »

for the Super Jolly burrs are available for both RH and LH, not sure if SSP carries both (guess not but do contact them to be sure)
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#9: Post by topman118 »

Need some watts to turn those SSP's. @ 140 watts, I highly doubt that grinder will cut the mustard. I love experimentation and pushing boundaries though so God Speed!


#10: Post by MemPast »

ira wrote:I think they rotate in opposite directions, my info says SJ is RH and MD50 is LH rotation.
You are right, they do not rotate to the same direction. I used MD50 burrs in La Pavoni Zip grinder, so I can confirm the difference.