SSP burrs: unimodal vs "brew" - same?

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I have 2 sets of SSP burrs; one "brew," the other "unimodal" or "multipurpose."

The only difference between the two that I see is that one is red and the other "silver knight." Visually, there is no other difference.

It seems that within the last few months, that "brew" took on a new name of "multipurpose" which some call "unimodal" and that another set, "high uniformity," slid on in as well.

To my eye, they're identical. Am I crazy? Did "brew" really become "multipurpose" or is there a difference between the two that I'm not seeing?



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The Unimodal is a Option-O name for multi-purpose, its a modified Brew. As far as I have been told Option-O got SSP to change the shape very slightly with flatter cuts so it could produces a tiny bit more fines and be more capable of producing espresso.

But they started out like everyone else with the 64mm Brew, the brew is what you get most places, unless they ask specifically for the multi-purpose.

To make it more confusing some vendors like to call the Espresso/ Option-O high uniformity for Multi purpose.

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On top of the info posted by malling, you can refer to post #1241 and #1244 for the pictures of the flat surfaces on the Multipurpose burr set.
Lagom P64 Flat (Option-O)

You can see the flat surfaces only in certain light angles. If you can't find the flat surfaces, chances are the burrs you have are the Brew/Unimodal burrs regardless it's coated with Red Speed or Silver Knight.

heytchap (original poster)

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I can see the flat spots on my red ones but not the silver. Curious. I wonder if it really makes that much difference?


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I can't tell from my own experience as I only have the red multipurpose. Reports from other owners mentioned that it makes light roast espresso better than the espresso-focused burrs (like High Uniformity) and also being good at filter brew - but the unimodal still wins in filter grinding slightly.