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iyayy wrote:so umm, if doing 9 bar shot, only option is HU and maybe UL? or UL also wont do 9 bar?
based on above ULF and brew would be impossible to pull 9 bar. am i right?
No you can use those from Mahlkonig and Gorilla burrs as well, all of these can do a 9bar shot, although the coffee burrs tend to be closer to zero point then the other however you can still pull a 1:2 out of it in most cases, but it depends on the carrier you have installed, with coffee it needs to be a slower feeding one. Whether or not you really should pull a 9bar 1:2 or god forbid a 1:1.5 out of the current Coffee burrs is debatable. The ones I had where definitely better at +1:2.5

ULF, LU and Brew can't do traditional shots and there is some different reports around the SSP pre 2015 cut. these are really only for typically faster +1:3 type shots, how these work is so dependent on variant and time of purchase, but these are frankly all more modern style for "espresso" plus drip burrs with different attributes with the Brew being the most clean and better separation and the other a bit more blending and relaxed that allows other then just pure well roasted coffee, but a defect or not well roasted coffee with Brew and it will be right in your face in a not pleasant way.

Gorilla is probably the far most traditional set, HU is the espresso burrs for lighter where you can pull more classic ratios and still get decent texture.

Also pulling not turbo or low pressure shots, you definitely need a machine doing fully saturation PI, not achieving fully saturation PI and go to 9bar isn't a good thing with lighter roast it tend to create unbalanced and astringency.