SSP burr installation for EK43S inside/outside burr ?

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Just purchase a new SSP burr for my EK43S.

It's kind of confusion that there are two burrs, one is labeled as inside and the other is outside burr.

Did anyone know which one should be attached with the pre-breaker ?

BTW there is one ssp mark, did that mark need to be aligned in any position or direction ?


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Hi Jeff, Welcome to HB!

Inside is the fixed burr, and gets mounted in the grind chamber.

Outside is the rotating burr and gets mounted in the carrier.

Orientation does not matter beyond this.


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Oenophilia (original poster)

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This help a lot, thanks.


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What Jake mentioned is correct for an EK43
-- but when it comes to a P100 its the opposite kind off when fitting them but eventually its the "outside logo to rotating burr always". so for p100 the outside burrs will go into the chamber.

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Has anyone ever exchanged them to see if it makes a difference?