SSP brew burrs alignment

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When I was doing the alignment of mythos burrs, it was pretty simple. The edges of the burrs are flat and so the erasing of the markers was clearly visible. SSP brew burrs (64), however, do not have edges in the plane, but with little teeth. And on their peaks, the removal of the markers is not so noticeable. How do you align such burrs? Some tips? Thank you


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How are you aligning the burrs presently? Foils shims?

I have seen the sand paper method (which would not require checking wear on the surfaces), but I have not tried it myself: ... ur-grinder

Interestingly, Hansung states that burr alignment is tricky and not worth fiddling with (but then states it can make a difference for espresso), start at 9:20:


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pifko wrote:How do you align such burrs? Some tips? Thank you
Slowly. Carefully. Attentively.
Giant EK43 flats will go like a charm after that. :D


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One very helpful and active forum member sent me this video recently :

I would like to try it but I'm quite affraid to do more damage to the grinder than anything else. It could be a solution for you!


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When I aligned mythos burrs, I used strips of aluminum foil.
Thanks for the links. I understand the procedure now. I'm just not sure I want to tackle it :)


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The sanding method, though it seems it takes some time, does appear to be straight forward. Does anyone know the potential risks? Damage to burrs requiring burr replacement? Damage to the burr carrier requiring replacement? any others?