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SSP did not name their 64mm burrs Unimodal and High Uniformity. Option-O did. They are still named Brew and Espresso at SSP's own site.


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SSP are probably due to update their website. There are no mention of the Multi-purpose burrs but yet, they can be ordered directly from them or from Option-O and DF64 distributers. At least it says MP on the box.
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Terranova wrote:Super low on crema and mouthfeel.
See it as a rule of thumb, more uniform particle size range = less crema.
Agree. I talk to many people that have these burrs, and I have the 64mm multipurpose (which many (see: people who have used both side by side) agree give similar results in grind and taste). The emphasis is definitely on clarity over mouthfeel. And folks seem to agree these burrs do very well with fast flow, long shots (which along with lots of clarity = little crema, body, more thin). It's on the opposite end of traditional espresso grind. Very little like a standard conical espresso that gives syrupy shots with a fat layer of crema.
erik82 wrote:they do give less crema and mouthfeel then comparable big conicals or classic flat burrs having everything the same.
Agree... definitely less than conicals I have had, e.g. a niche, and less than traditional flat burrs, e.g. see the ssp 64mm HU. (yes, the 64 hu, not the 98 hu. the two are totally different, SSP naming is awful).
TigerStripes wrote:SSP HU burrs are classic thick body espresso burrs that will give plenty of thick crema.
definitely disagree here, if you mean the 98mm HU burrs (the topic here). You might mean the 64mm HU burrs? confusingly, the 64mm hu and 98mm hu geometry, grind profile, and taste profile are way different. 64 being a traditional espresso flat style, the 98 not. (again, SSP naming is awful.)
Seems unlikely that SSP switches the meaning of HU & unimodal between different burr sizes, but anything is possible.
Yes, their naming is inconsistent. It's a constant topic of discussion in some espresso communities because the naming makes no sense. The burr set most like 98mm HU burrs are the 64mm multipurpose or unimodal/brew burrs.
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