80mm burrs experience (SSP, Ditting, EG1, Ultra, Uber...)

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Hey all,

Keen to hear people experience with 80mm burrs. While there's not as many options as 98mm or 64mm, there are still a few out there and it would be great to have an area where these experiences and knowledge of the burrs can be shared.

I have lab sweets in my 804 with about 25kg on them, and in the last week or so have had a somewhat sudden increase in body and decrease in clarity. This is coupled with a perceived bump in sweet/chocolateyness in medium roasts at 1:2, but an increase in powderiness and decrease in sweetness in light and very light. I've carefully and methodically realigned to almost perfect, and am grinding at 3-4 for espresso.

I like clarity, and thought the lab sweets were supposed to be magic for sweet espresso and filter, but am now considering moving from Lab Sweets. Maybe to Ditting machined, maybe SSP, but trying to get a better understanding of the nomenclature and comparison of the SSP burr options (as so many have struggled with in the past...)

Hansung tells me he sells a "high" and a "low" version of his 80mm burrs, and said he recommends "high" version for multipurpose. When I asked if that means higher fines for espresso vs lower fines for brewing, he said "yes, but mostly the height of Peak in the grinding distribution graph is different."

So it seems he's referring to "high uniformity" which can create higher peak in grind distribution but with higher number of fines making it more espresso/multipurpose, and "low uniformity" creating a lower peak of grind size with lower number of fines making it more filter oriented.

So then, knowing SSP make the EG1 "ultra" burrs, and that Weber say these burrs are "built to be the ultimate for pour-over coffee", and reading Jonathan Gagne and Scott Rao referring to the "ultra" burrs as "ultra low fines burrs" (https://coffeeadastra.com/2021/04/14/pu ... sso-shots/) I assumed the "ultra" burrs would be the SSP "low". But when I asked Hansung, he said the EG1 "ultra" burrs are the "high" version.

So confused... can someone help me in pin-pointing which burr is which, and what the differences between SSPs "high" and "low" 80mm burrs are?

Thanks in advance!


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I do not have answer, but I have a question:)
I thought the site selling ssp burrs is: http://www.espressotool.com
and http://www.sspgrind.com/ is just a front. Most of the burrs on http://www.espressotool.com are sol out.

Where are you going to get your new burrs?
Also, do you know if larger 80 SSP burrs need seasoning just like Ditting's 80mm?

jb-0101 (original poster)

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Was planning to go direct to Hansung at SSP. He's you can order by just emailing him.

I asked for a photo of low and high, and he said it's hard to visually see the difference between them... does anyone have a photo? Particularly a close up of the teeth?

I've seen Hansung say they only need 5kg, but Jonathan Gagne said; "I went all the way to 24 pounds because I heard the SSP burrs were particularly hard to break in." when referring to his EG1 ultra burrs - which supposedly are the SSP 80mm high according to Hansung. But then I've heard other people say more like 50-60lbs... and I think I remember Nancy at the former Ditting USA saying Ditting burrs needed over 100 lbs to fully break in. So I really don't know!!


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These are the teeth of (98mm) hu en Lu burrs. It's easy to see that the LU teeth (bottom picture) are deeper, giving more room for particle size differences.

jb-0101 (original poster)

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Thanks - so is it that HU get a more uniform grind size in the target grind size range, as in the second peak when looking at a graph, but create more fines as the particles are being chopped or shaped more?

And therefore the LU get less uniform grind size target grind size because more variation can be let through the bigger outfall, but less fines?

So what's then the impact/differences in the cup, for spro and filter? With less fines, is low uniformity better for filter?

And then so which are the EG1 ultras? I would have thought if Weber say they are the ultimate for filter, and Weber calls the "ultra low fines" burrs - wouldn't that be the LU then?

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Just remembered that the Levercraft Ultra (and Ultra out of China from Mr Zhang) can be ordered with the 80mm burr carrier. Does anyone here have the Ultra with the 80MM burr carrier? And which burrs are you running?


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Levercraft is not supplying 80mm option (anymore). I have both 80mm as 98mm carriers. At the moment I have Ditting LS installed. The 98mm SSP HU set gives more complexity from the coffee. LS are much easier to dial in. But coffee tastes more round off. Brew temp with SSP needs 4⁰ or 5⁰ C lower than with LS (93⁰)
The lower burr carrier is my own design.
I am extracting Friedhats filter roast

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How have you found the LS burrs at the higher temperature?


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High... I haven't tried higher than 93 with this coffee yet, but it delivers a lot more than at 88.

jb-0101 (original poster)

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Good to know!

And what grind setting and rpm are you running at? My Ditting 804 runs at 1,300 rpm, and for most coffees (varies bean to bean obviously) Im at roughly:
- 250ish micron burr spacing for medium roast (ie milk blend) 20 in 40 out 25 seconds
- 200-250ish micron burr spacing for light roast 20 in 50-60 out in about 20-25 seconds