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Mikk wrote:The thread title mentions the Uber as an 80mm burr, yet I haven't seen it mentioned yet.
Has anyone used a Marco Uber grinder, and compared it to other 80mm burrs?

There's not much info online regarding the Uber. It seems that it's fitted with a unique brew-only burr that's attached magnetically, which prevents most other 80mm burrs being used in it, unfortunately. Seems the Tanzania/Ditting 805 burrs are the only ones that are interchangeable.
It was fundamentally just an improved Tanzania

Both are now discontinued

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EvanOz85 wrote:I'll be able to make this comparison fairly soon. I've been using the 98mm Brewing burrs for 5 months now, and currently have an EG-1 with Ultra burrs en route.
Hi Evan,

I'm curious about your take on Weber/SSP blind Ultra compared to the other 80 mm burrs you've been using.
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As you'd expect, it's the highest clarity 80mm burr Weber offers. Shots are similar to 98mm HU, but with ever so slightly more body which makes them preferable to me over the HU's for the lightest roasts. Requires super fine grind, and shots speed up significantly towards the end. Filter coffee is delicious, probably similar to 98mm Brewing but I haven't done a side by side yet.

Honestly I've been mostly using the SSP Blind Lab Sweet burrs in the EG-1 recently. Everything you'd expect from that LS profile but with much better workflow. Obviously a very very different flavor profile to the Ultras but it's sooo easy to switch back and forth when you want something different.


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Hi everyone, currently owning a niche, only doing espresso and in search of more clarity but at the same time wanting to keep a nice mouthfeel/texture. Thinking about pulling the trigger on the next 64mm zerno batch with cast burrs or wait for the upcoming 80mm zerno mid 2024.

Can anyone share its experience about the difference between 64mm and 80mm clarity, taste and texture wise?

Plus, what are the advantages of an 80mm grinder vs a 64mm one?

Thanks for your help

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Wait for 80. 80mm is so much easier to dial in than 64mm, and in my opinion there are much better burr sets available. You'll be able to use genuine Ditting Lab Sweet burrs (or SSP's blind 80mm copy if Hansung makes one compatible with the Zerno) which is sooo much better for both filter and espresso than the SSP 64mm version. I have a feeling if SSP is making the burrs then they'll also likely make a Zerno version of the Weber Ultra and Core burrs which are both outstanding. There's also the Weber Base burrs which use standard screw mounts. I love the Base burrs. They're similar to Lab Sweets but lean just a little more slightly towards a big conical profile. Another advantage of 80mm is that grinding will obviously be faster.


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Thanks for your advice Evan, appreciate it


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The blind burrs that fit the EG-1 also fit the Wug2, so hopefully Zerno will adopt the same standard even though it does not use screws in order to maintain burr cross compatibility.


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Recently added an EG1 to my bench for espresso alongside my Ek43 with SSP LU burrs. I'm enjoying the Core burrs but wondering what I'm missing and what the next change should be. I was planning to switch the EK43 to SSP Brew burrs and make it a dedicated brew grinder leaving the EG1 purely for espresso. I was thinking of trying the ultra burrs but since I'm heading in the direction of espresso instead of brew, would I be better off with one of the Ditting options or SSP Ditting clones. For reference I usually drink light to medium roasts.