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I haven't tried that. It seems like RDT makes the stalling worse from my experience seasoning the burrs. I can try it and find out, but it's not a big deal to me to slowly pour the beans.

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Try 600 RPM at a fine espresso range with light roast, they will 100% stall, unless you're using medium-dark/medium.

at 600 RPM even the core burr will stall at some light roast at espresso fine.

No stall issues with coarse setting.


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ethiopianbuffman wrote:i have heard things about Boyt burrs


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I meant to say "good things" about boyt burrs.


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When you say stall, do you mean dumping all the beans? It doesn't stall for me when I add them slowly at 600 rpm with RDT. I only use light roasted beans, for an 18 gram dose with 1:1.5.

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So you slow feed the beans? yes of course it won't stall if you slow feed the beans to the grinder, duh! that's not a solution nor an excuse for a very expensive grinder and a very expensive set of burrs. if you dump all the beans at the grinder, it will stall 100% of the time at 600 rpm, heck even at 1000 rpm for my case it will stall the grinder. if you slow feed the beans then that wont be an issue, but that is not a solution nor a practice that we should do as standard. it is inconvenient and inconsistent that will effect the taste of the cup. Not to mention that sometimes even at slow feed, if you accidental dump more than you should, the grinder will stall at low RPM. That's a nightmare to be worried about every time i single dose.

i'm not sure if the lack of screw holes in the SSP version is causing the issue, but i can see a slight difference in the length of the burr outer cutters and the texture of the burr. perhaps the SSP version is having a higher feed rate than the ditting version, who knows.


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Lance Hedrick recommends slow feeding. I get very consistent results with slow feeding, and I've only had stalls when seasoning with RDT and loading it up (still rare). I don't mind the slow feeding as single dose grinders don't have bean pressure from the hopper, not sure why it would make a difference if you are consistent in either case.

I agree the grinder shouldn't stall at this price point, and it would be nice if Weber found a solution. I primarily use it for filter coffee so I don't notice it much. I haven't found a grinder where I can swap burrs in under 5 minutes like the EG-1.

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Folks with the cast LS are you getting a lot of fines even after decent seasoning and use? I was under the impression that the Cast LS would have less fine. The cups are great, just curious.
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Never ever has my EG1 stalled even on very fine espresso settings with very light roasts on 300rpm with SSP burrs. I always dump everything at once. Not one stall in 4.5 years and over 100kg of Coffee.

It does seem that the American electrical system is the culprit as almost all of these issues seem to occur on 110V.

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jfjj wrote:Folks with the cast LS are you getting a lot of fines even after decent seasoning and use? I was under the impression that the Cast LS would have less fine. The cups are great, just curious.
Depends on what you mean by "a lot" of fines. LS burrs are far from Unimodal, and do produce a decent amount of fines, but that's part of what contributes to their unique flavor profile.