SSP 58mm Burrs for Espresso

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I have an older Mazzer Mini and it's long past time to replace my OEM burrs. I was initially keen to upgrade the grinder with Super Jolly 64mm burr carriers so as to be able to use the SSP burrs, but I see from SSP's website that they do make 58mm burr sets and that seems like it will get me 99% of where I want to go - I know the 64mm will be faster but all I care about is the quality.

My problem is that the only supplier I can find in the USA only supplies the so-called "multi-purpose" version, and I'd like the "espresso" version as espresso is all I drink. I've sent a message to SSP in Korea but it bounced and I put in a message through their website but have yet to hear back as to whether they'll sell me one from Korea.

Does anybody have a supplier for the SSP 58mm "Espresso" burr set?

Are there any other 58mm burrs I should consider?

Any thoughts about whether it would be worth it to spend the extra money - I'm thinking the marginal difference is around US$225 - to upgrade to the Super Jolly burr carriers?

Once the burrs are sorted I think I'll mod the grinder to single dose low retention using Daniel Wong's solution.