Spong No3 and grind retention

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I have recently acquired a Spong No3 after reading Spong Coffee Mills: A Grinder for the 23rd Century and Spong 3 Restoration!
After grinding a few successful cups I have decided to have the hopper powder coated in white. On disassembly I have found a fair amount of coffee sticking to the burr. Will the flax oil as mentioned in the second link help to stop this? Any ideas welcome and thanks.


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you might want to PM the original poster from the first link (@DJR) as he seems to understand the spong quite well but I'm sure the poster from the second link (@coffeenaut) would be a good resource too. from what I understand the flaxseed oil takes a long time to cure and certainly it could provide some sort of non-stick coating if you're willing to put in the time needed to cure it.

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Thanks for the reply. I've not heard from the other posters. I'm getting some flaxseed oil and will report my results.

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I have given up on the Spong grinder for espresso. The link: Spong Coffee Mills: A Grinder for the 23rd Century is doing a disservice to people looking for a grinder. After using my number 3 for a month or so it is not very suitable for espresso; the grind is not uniform with many different sized particles. Perhaps for pour over...