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No CAD files here. All the design files are .stl for my models. The auger is a modification of one I found on thingiverse.


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K7 wrote:I just got my prototype done and have been testing it out for a couple of days. It works well in terms of pacing the beans but not very aesthetically pleasing. Not at all... :oops:

Being a novice I'm still trying to dial in on my beans with the new setup (requires substantially finer grind setting) but so far what looked to be sure sink shots turned out quite drinkable. :shock: Very interesting... I think I saw others making similar comments earlier here or another site.
As I mentioned earlier, I was having some, actually a lot, trouble getting consistent pulls with the slow grinding method. Shots tend to be noticeably sweeter on average but I found it very tough to avoid significant channeling.

This is probably common knowledge to the experts here, but I learned that apparently "unimodal" grinders, which I believe my grinder emulates with slow bean feeding, have well-known "challenges" when used for espresso. The following is an excerpt from Lagom FAQ regarding unimodal burrs:
When the unimodal burrs will be a less optimal choice : As the unimodal burrs can be a new experience for many, these features may not be apparent to a new user. Some techniques that work on conventional burrs may not be applicable directly to the unimodal burrs. For example, as the unimodal burrs are already producing extremely fine grind at the normal espresso flow rate, it is not neccesary to use additional techniques that encourage finer-grinding, and doing so may be counterproductive. If you often do three or more of the following in combination, and would like to keep the way how you currently pull the shots, the unimodal burrs may be less suitable for your application : (i) using very lightly developed roasts, (ii) using low doses in double basket (e.g. <14 g), (iii) using modern baskets with larger total hole area (VST basket, particularly the lower capacity 15g basket), (iv) flow profiling (blooming-espresso or Slayer-style), and/or (v) making shots of low brew ratio (<1:2). Although it may sound like the unimodal burrs has less flexibility in those cases, the reward is that you can get shots that are extremely sweet, balanced and with high flavour clarity out of light roasts not achievable with conventional burrs.
I think I was running into one or more of these issues as I was dosing low and working with a lighter roast. Ok, maybe my technique was at fault as well. :lol: Anyhow, I feel like I bit off more than I can chew at the moment, so I will put this project on hold for now and go back to the basics to find my footings. Still interested to see what others find.