The Slingshot grinder.

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#1: Post by redbone »

New commercial flat burr grinder.

Appears to have its origins in Australia with some Chinese connection.
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Prescott CR

#2: Post by Prescott CR »

Is that pre-grinding then dosing on demand? Glad that can be turned off!

Always nice to see something new in grinders, I'm curious how those shots pull & taste of course.


#3: Post by mountmustache »

Really cool design! I was thinking that it probably wouldn't work for home use because it's grinding for the next shot, then he switched it to on demand mode and answered my skepticism almost immediately

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#4: Post by ira »

For a very high volume shop it will be the fastest possible grinder. Pre-grinds one shot at a time and auto doses by volume. Volume meaning it over fills the portafilter and then wipes the top level leaving the remainder for the next shot. Not really suitable as a home grinder.



#5: Post by Javier »

Prescott CR wrote:Always nice to see something new in grinders
I believe the Azkoyen Capriccio grinder used a similar concept.
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#6: Post by Coffeechap » replying to Javier »

Pointed this out to these guys at the London coffee festival as they were saying how revolutionary it was. Azkoyen have been doing it for over 10 years!
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