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So I've been single dosing with my SJ for quite a while now. The bride has a Christmas thing and we're in charge of coffee and desserts. So we'll be taking the qm67 and super jolly to someone's house. Issue 1, transportation. I guess issue one was cleanup. Gotta make the equipment shiny! Then she requested I use the hopper cuz it looks prettier. I guess it looks much better than the cake icing bellows thing I have sitting on it. I think I remembered that to single dose an SJ I needed to go tighter in the grind due to popcorning. So I loosened up the grind one whole notch on the SJ collar.

Gotta love that retention in the chute. I anticipate making shots back to back to back really quickly so shouldn't be much of an issue.

Got lucky. Shot turned out good. 18 grams in, 36 grams out in 40 seconds. That'll do.

Luckily she didn't feel nostalgic about the thwacking sound! :D

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Worked out quite well. Got everything loaded up onto my wagon to get it into the car and into the other house.

Got a great spot. Plenty of counter space. Wasn't able to be next to the sink though.

List of things to bring next time. Shot glass or a demitasse. Didn't think I'd need one because everything was going to be milk based but the paper cups we bought were too tall. Ended up cutting one to run my shots.

And a frothing pitcher. Ended up being a downer. Not a latte art specialist but could've put hearts in drinks. Used another paper cup to froth. Wasn't getting good foam.

But the night went well. Everyone liked their drinks!