*Sigh* Ceado E37SD issues.

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Okay group. I just picked up a used Ceado E37SD and am having issues.

I *think* I need new burrs but I just wanted to check for some advice before I spend the extra money as I was assured the burrs it has were fine but hey who knows people forget things when money is wanted.

Anyways. I've used about half a pound of fresh beans trying to get the dialed in.

I tried grinding an espresso shot just as the previous owner had set it up. No luck. Watery spitting from the portafilter etc.

I went finer and still no luck.
I went to '0' slightly better but not useable.
I went past zero and started hearing a chirp. Backed off and tried a shot there. No luck.

So I looked into aligning the burrs with the dry erase marker method and I believe I have it about 95% aligned at this point and '0' on the dial is a very close adjustment to chirping.

The grinds look nice. They'll pull like a good shot for a few seconds and then just go back to watery mess.

I can't seem to find any info if chirping is okay with this grinder or what chirping is vs 'danger' sounds.

Could it be as simple as new burrs?

I'm using a linea mini and a light Colombian bean right now.

Please help :(


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I would try other beans before anything else.

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Funny! I honestly had this on my mind all night and it was the first thing I told myself to try today. I'll swing by work and get an espresso blend and go from there!


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Very fresh (less than- or around 1 week from roast) or stale coffee typically behaves like that. Absolutely worth a try.

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Cool, maybe I just got stale beans too and didn't realize it.

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New beans still no luck.

I'm at a loss.

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Hard to tell, however looks a bit coarse. Can you put some on a white piece of paper?

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Here ya go!

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I know that tamper! :mrgreen:

Hard to imagine an E37SD needing new burrs. Ceado put "OpalGlide" or TiN coated burrs on the grinders - either coating should last lifetimes of normal domestic use.

No chirping with coated burrs, please.
- bigger flat burr makes always better grinding result than smaller one - H. Lee