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If you used Dow111 silicone grease then it is quite thick. I used that one time and the collar of my df64 was hard to turn. Wipe what you can off and use food safe petroleum based grease. Lubri-film Plus was recommended to me for the df64 by Joe at Espresso Outlet.

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I use to lube the burr carrier threads on my Rocky. I would clean them with a safe, grease-cutting cleaner first and wipe the threads off with a microfiber towel until it came up clean. Then I used a plant based lithium grease that I think l got at Lowes or Home Depot. I rubbed a thin coat into the external threads on the burr carrier avoiding the last 2mm or so. I then thoroughly wiped off the excess from the surface of the threads before threading the carrier into the grinder. This kept the grease from getting below the carrier where is could contaminate the coffee.
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Nothing sticky should be lubed where there is grit.

Whilst I don't lube grinder threads, perhaps a silicone lube that dries? It's what's used on RV slides that carry tons of weight.


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jefegold wrote:THANKS
This video explains it except that I lubricated as he said, and now it's really really hard to turn the collar.
Are you certain you haven't cross threaded the cap onto the body? Those threads look very fine in the video and it would be easy to cross thread given the large cap diameter.
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I use Molykote G-4500, works perfectly for the application.
(Food contact safe...Greases can be used in rolling element and plain bearings, pivot pins, cams, guides, ways, drive screws, gears, splines, and other machine elements. ... rease.html)


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Thanks all
I think the silicone grease was simply too thick.
A seize-free Superlube (Espresso outlet said it would be okay) product may be good or the Lubri-film Plus that someone mentioned earlier.

The real grinding seems to have been on the lip of the burr carrier where it meets the collar rather than the threads. Either I need a tape or to sand down the aluminum or just replace them.


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I use grease for my DF64 both on my outer worm gear and the adjustment collar. the grease i use is the normal super lube. i know that is not food safe :D but it is what i have. it works fine. if i have to choose lube or not to lube, i will say lube definitely, lubed thread is much smoother and if you see in my photo there is dark part in the thread. that means there is metal to metal grinding so it must be lube for longevity.

just use the tiniest amount spread it thoroughly and wipe it with paper towel so there is no grease residue or buildup.

very very important clean your thread every single time you open the collar (use stiff small brush). as can be seen in the photo DF64 has tons of fine ground coffee in the burr and burrs carrier. it will fall to the collar thread and gum up the thread and eventually jammed it. again clean the thread religiously then greased it, wipe with paper towel and just leave a thin film of grease. it should be fine that way