Should I upgrade my Gaggia MDF grinder with Mazzer Super Jolly?

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Hello, I am new here, I just want advice on whether it is preferable to upgrade my grinder Gaggia MDF 1986 model 155 watts with another one available near me Mazzer Super Jolly model 2018 that's If the first two numbers of it identification N° plate mean the years as they claim, anyway in my currency i estimated about $300, which is extremely expensive more than my monthly salary, anyway these coincidences only come once in a life for me of course, I don't want to regret missing the opportunity, especially since it is related to my hobby. I have heard a lot about the Super Jolly grinder, so does the upgrading worth it? If yes, what is the amount of improvement from 1/10? We would be very thankful for any suggestion or advice which will be very appreciated

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I imagine the Gaggia is a capable grinder, but will say something like the Super Jolly is simply top notch and should run indefinitely, especially in a home setting. A good clean and possibly new burrs (quite affordable) and you should be good provided it's in decent order to start. For reference, I have a Cimbali Jr. grinder which is much like the SJ and mine was built 17 yrs ago. I bought it at a steal of a price and it performs perfectly. Grinders like these rarely wear out, owners get tired and want to upgrade much more often.

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I really appreciate your reply, Just an additional question: How much the overall improvement will be after upgrading from 1/10? if anybody can help that be very appreciative of your cooperation!

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Opinions/expectations certainly vary, but based on what I'd look for the MDF on a scale of 1-10 might be a 4-5 and the SJ a solid 10+. Grind quality, consistency, speed will all be improved.

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If it's more than a monthly salary to you, perhaps don't?

Yes, a Mazzer Super Jolly is a good upgrade. It depends on what you drink, but you should be able to expect improvements all over (except size).

But you can get a hand grinder, say Kingrinder K3/K4 and perhaps get equal or even better results (depending on preference) for a lot less money.
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I say go for it. I had a chance to pick one up 15 years ago? And it grew with my equipment. From an sbdu to my double boiler, one thing I know will be good if I upgrade my espresso machine again. Very capable grinder, still being used in cafes. Can easily be used to single dose.

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I'm uncomfortable spending others' money, full stop.

I had an MDF. I don't think it is a very good grinder. You will notice a marked difference between the two grinders. If I were handing out grades the MDF is a 'C.' Super Jolly 'B+.' For 300 bucks I would make the change in a heartbeat. I fully acknowledge my money is not your money, so I remain uncomfortable.

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agree that the MDF is a 'C.', but what's the 'A+.' than in this money range, keeping in mind size, noise, look, used, it doesn't matter to me as long as it is in good shape.

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Well, to be more precise, it is 10% more expensive than my monthly salary, but I feel very excited since I am new to the world of coffee equipment. As for my preference for the Super Jolly, because it is the only one available.

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Hi Atman,
I recently purchased a second hand Mazzer Mini on Ebay. It had had a hard life in a UK coffee shop but after a very good clean and a nearly new set of Burrs , €14 on Ebay , it is running smoothly and produces really good results. Super happy with it.
It sounds as though this is quite a commitment for you. Are you able to see the Super Jolly working before you buy and to make sure it is for you? Is it the doser model or the electronic A version with the buttons for different doses and a dose counter?
Mazzer Super jollys and Minis do come up fairly regularly on auction sites, do your research to make sure you are getting a good price.
They are really good machines, good luck.