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#11: Post by Jasonian »

I started with a Gaggia MDF a looong time ago. I used a SJ in competition, and then bought a used one that I've had ever since. It's a good investment. You will notice the difference.
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Okay well if we are qualifying with 'in this price range,' then a Mazzer SJ in good shape is an A for 300 bucks (at least where I live and MY wallet) A+. You will notice a difference. I say, if I am trying to apply your 1-10 scale, I'd go with a solid 7 improvement in the cup.

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I love my Super Jolly, I bought mine about 15 years ago. Used it for for espresso and all sorts of brewed coffee. I am still using it now even haven gotten completely out of home espresso.

Overall its a great grinder and the 65mm burr size will accept a lot of aftermarket burr sets if that's what you interested in. I am considering converting mine to doserless but even with the doser I really like it.

I am very happy with the cups I get brewing coffee from my Super Jolly, YMMV.
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#14: Post by borrik »

300$ is not so cheap option for SJ I believe. It should be in great condition with good burr condition. How much time you're monitoring your local market? If your grinder is functioning well, try to learn your local deals for a few months. Maybe this SJ is sitting there for the years or something like that, so never go for it.
In the opposite case, when you know the state and all relevant local deals under your eye, you will spot sweet fresh deals quickly and then you need to hurry up :D
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#15: Post by SuperBar »

I am also looking to upgrade from my 03' MDF. I am seriously considering the Mazzer mini B. Have you compared the SJ to the Mini B?
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