Should I Mod The Mazzer?

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#1: Post by bushdoc »

Would it be a worthwhile investment to convert my mint condition Mazzer Mini Timer, thats been in storage for several years, to a 64mm doserless rig? Or would I be better off picking up something new in the sub 2k range?

Price for the Daniel Wong mod, upper and lower carriers, and a set of SSP burrs would run me about $600 all in.

I roast my own beans and prefer light to medium SO coffees. I mostly drink Moccamaster drip and pour over, but I occasionally use Aero, French Press, Moka Pot, and Chemex.

I've been using a Baratza Virtuoso for several years and it works ok for what I've been drinking, that is until I decided to get back into espresso and bought a Robot.

I've been making drinkable shots (if you add milk) but I definitely know that my grinder is my weakest link.

Appreciate any advice the group might be able to offer.

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#2: Post by Jeff »

Workflow on something like a P64 is significantly better than a modded Mazzer. Whether that's $1,000 of value to you, I don't know.

See ... nkenjolly/ for some insight

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#3: Post by Jonk »

At $600, no - it's not exactly economical. At that price point I'd look into something new like DF64(V) or Timemore 064S.

Or you could just buy 58mm SSP burrs for $170 and use those in your Mazzer Mini as is. I single dose my Mini E - it's a little annoying to brush both the upper burr carrier and the chute, takes about a minute.. But hey, it's cheap 8)

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#4: Post by Jimmy_The_Saint »

Slight bias here as I'm a longtime fan of Mazzer but I'm of the belief that Mazzers should be used as intended. They're fantastic grinders when used on-demand but really not so much used as single dosers. You can do it, but really there are far far better single dosers out there.

I'd keep your Mini standard as a 'museum piece' and if you're set on modding one and want a 64, grab a used Super Jolly and go to town.

I did this one a couple of years ago, started as a 7 year old ex-commercial doser model. I still use it for on-demand grinding and it's great.

bushdoc (original poster)
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#5: Post by bushdoc (original poster) »

Thanks for the responses. Kind of confirmed what I was thinking.

I think I'll bring the Mini in and use a solo cup for a hopper (the hopper was always a point of contention since it didn't fit under the cabinets) and see how it works out for a few weeks. If it does, maybe I'll get a short hopper and a set of SSP 58's and call it good.

Great looking SJ.

Thanks again.