Sanremo X-ONE

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#1: Post by aleck »

Sanremo announced super-interesting new grinder, with vertical flat 98mm burrs.

If anyone has been to HOST, would love to hear if they had it available there.

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#2: Post by HB »

Dan Kehn

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#3: Post by NicoNYC »

Even though this is a grinder firmly intended for the commercial market (2 bean hoppers, USB connection for uploading grind/dose profiles), there was one bit that caught my eye:

"X-one is the only coffee grinder which integrates a system of weighing of coffee beans before grinding."


"After each delivery, the grinding chamber it is always released guaranteeing low retention in the grinding system."

Looks like each hopper has an auger that allows it to weight a dose, grind it fully, and clear the grind chamber for an upcoming dose. True grind-by-weight with single dosing would be incredible, all the advantages of single dosing without the faff of scales or bean vaults.

When this tech trickles down into home grinders (or smaller commercial grinders) it has the potential to be a big game-changer.


#4: Post by ethiopianbuffman »

If you are a home user that doesn't single dose, I think this will help. If you single dose, then I don't think you will keep beans in the hopper where it can do this magic.


#5: Post by LewBK »

How does it make sure that the coffee coming out of the grinder weighs the same as the coffee going in with cases where there is some retention?


#6: Post by boren »

ethiopianbuffman wrote:If you are a home user that doesn't single dose, I think this will help. If you single dose, then I don't think you will keep beans in the hopper where it can do this magic.
Time for a hopper that can maintain vacuum in between grinds. If this grinder has a shutter to dose the beans into the grinding chamber, they already designed the first step required for such a hopper. More discussion about the subject is here:

Any grinder with a solution for reducing oxidation of beans in the hopper?


#7: Post by Entreri »

Looks and sounds like a seriously capable machine - will probably cost in the region of "sacrificing your first born to the elder gods".

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#8: Post by coffeechan »

I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of technology San Remo is putting into this grinder. If I were to guess how this is done, it would be close to the Acaia Orion concept in a small separate chamber to weigh/prepare the dose before dropping into the horizontal burrs. I've often mused about an integrated gizmo that could create a burst of condensed air that could be activated with a button or automatically done after the grind happens to eject the retained grounds in the burr chamber. However they do it, it's a seriously cool piece of tech, but the more tech it gets the more problems that could potentially arise.

My first impressions of this grinder is it's unclear who this is aimed at. Double hopper design seems to indicate more heavy commercial use. The design and marketing language matches that of the San Remo You.

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#9: Post by SteveRhinehart »

In 2015 and 2017, they showed their working prototypes for the Revo grinders. I wrote about them in 2017 here: ... 2017/32955

At that time, the Revo did use Acaia weighing tech inside. I don't believe that is the case any more. They also appear to have ditched the ad hoc blending idea in favor of having more straightforward dosing from either hopper, plus a bypass funnel if you want to grind something not from the hoppers.

I can't find the dimensions but with 1.2 kg hoppers and just estimating the size from the portafilter hooks, it looks very large and bulky for home use. The brochure on their site skews more toward commercial as well, especially in the notes about workflow (queuing up the next bean dose while it grinds the current one sounds interesting, but there aren't many grinders where 'preparing the next dose of beans' is an actual hang-up). The Revos were also decidedly not-consumer in approach or marketing. That, of course, was well before they had announced a machine for home use.