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#11: Post by jbviau »

Ok, I'm impressed. Thanks!

LIDO #002 with 15 g. of Anodyne's Peru Cenfrocafe (past peak) at a coarse drip setting. No knocking, shaking, clacking of any kind.

Before RDT:

After RDT (2 drops):
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#12: Post by erik82 »

Great tip! I'll try it with the Indian Monsooned Malabar which is extremely static. Always had big problems with the static charge of these beans and grounds being all over the place.

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#13: Post by TomC »

Take pics and report back if you can. This will be an epic thread for home coffee enthusiasts. Who hasn't dealt with grind retention in one way or another on a grinder, manual or electric?
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#14: Post by outrigger »

This is Maaagic :D ,
Thanks a lot for the trick, almost no sticky fines on my yoghurt funnel!

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#15: Post by Bob_McBob »

I would imagine an eye dropper or pipette of some sort would be a worthwhile investment if you want to keep doing this.


#16: Post by erik82 »

Also thought about an eye dropper. That would be perfect with single-dosing. Going to get one this afternoon and see how it goes.

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#17: Post by aecletec »

Very clever. Will chance my luck later :)


#18: Post by ryguy »

Bob_McBob wrote:I would imagine an eye dropper or pipette of some sort would be a worthwhile investment if you want to keep doing this.
And a pipette will fit perfectly next to my dissecting needle!

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#19: Post by »

So some quantifiable results with the k10 - as if pictures weren't enough.

20.7g IN
15.9 OUT into the DOSER 76.8%
4.8g RETAINED in the chute and upper chamber. 23.2%
100% OUT

Give or take .1g error and/or .1g from the earlier shot.

I will check, for myself anyway, what the difference is without the droplets of water. But, I seem to be recalling a number closer to 8g retained in the chute and upper chamber.

This makes the bumping and grindings a little easier just because there's less 'aggressive' sweeping that needs to be done as they move out of the chute more easily.

I also checked after I finished my espresso how much I would have to clean from the K10 and, although the retention is .1g or so usually (very small), it was similarly very little retained that I had to clean. However, the grinds move more easily.
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#20: Post by Boldjava »

Water on the beans? It's Winter here and the heat is on. Humidifiers balance the moisture in the air for us since the furnace takes it out of the air. With the humidifiers running, I see only very slight static and don't have need to put water on the beans.
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