Rocket Super Fausto (75mm)

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Rocket released a new grinder with 75mm burrs, the Super Fausto, to the market.
Rocket grinders are produced by Eureka.
Does anyone know on which Eureka model this Super Fausto is based?

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#3: Post by erik82 »

Should be a pretty easy as there's only one 75mm burrset in the whole Eureka lineup (Olympus/Atom). What did you find and where did you have doubts?


#4: Post by Jonk »

My guess would be that the Atom 75 is the closest resemblance. Not a lot of info about the Super Fausto though - keep in mind that Eureka makes more than one kind of 75mm burr.


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They make one type 75mm burrset but you can choose for different coatings. It's the Mythos burrsets which can be ordered as no coating, TiN (standard Mythos) or Red Speed.


#6: Post by Jonk »

There's at least one more geometry: Eureka Atom Pro (though I wouldn't expect it in the Super Fausto.. Still, lack of good info)


#7: Post by coffeechan »

The closest analog is probably Nuova Simonelli G60. Eureka is part of the Nuova Simonelli Group. The G60 is a cone doserless grinder and the Super Fausto is likely same design wise except with 75mm burrs. The Fausto line has been around for a few years and Eureka has a great track record manufacturing. If they're introducing new models, people must be satisfied and they're selling.