RIP, Lelit William Grinder

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I bought one of these 3 or 4 years, when I just started learning about coffee, largely because it matched my new Elizabeth. It still is working like new. 1st Line recently announced it has been discontinued, I expect because of low sales numbers. Because there may now be bargains of interest to members and readers of this board, its obit follows.

Matches several Lelit espresso machines.
61mm flat burrs.
Little retention.
IMO, produces a nice grind for its price.
Easily adjustable, but see below, under cons.
Timing of dispensing grinds into portafilter very clever and reliable.

Hopper on top

Very, very loud.
If turned upside down, including in shipping, adjustment mechanism very, very hard to turn.
Figuring out how to fix this problem and doing so was not at all easy for me.
Much to remove and replace to get to burrs.
Many of the small screws that hold it together thread into just plastic.(Suggestions appreciated.)

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Hi Crabby Guy,

I'm sorry to hear that William has been discontinued, at least on US market.
This decision can be related to Breville recent acquisition of Lelit and Baratza.
I mostly agree with pros & cons listed above. My William PL72 is also 5 years old and is working like new.

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Sorry to hear that. I'm happy 4 year user, still going strong. I'm very satisfied with the unit.