Returning the Niche Zero?

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I've tried finding a return policy on their website, and I'm also waiting to hear back from them, but has anyone been able to return their Niche Zero?


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I don't think anyone has returned one because you can easily sell it for cost, sometimes even at a premium, in about 40 seconds since the wait is so long

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mililani wrote:I've tried finding a return policy on their website, and I'm also waiting to hear back from them, but has anyone been able to return their Niche Zero?

Just curious...Why are you returning it? Also, I agree with thoang77...If nothing is wrong with it, you can sell it very fast for what your paid for it most likely.


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Interesting. I've heard back from NZ. They said 28 day window, but I pay for shipping. Ok, maybe I'll try to sell it for cost. Hopefully someone buys it before window is closed.

Selling it because it's largely been disappointing. Really not as consistent as I was hoping.


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Consistency in terms of grind size uniformity?

It's interesting, as I've never heard such universal joy and celebration for a coffee grinder before the NZ.


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I can pull shot after shot on the DE1 with my daughter's Niche and have the time vary no more than a second or two. It's a consistent and forgiving grinder. This is the experience a vast majority of people who own the grinder have as well. It's by far the most popular grinder in the Decent community.


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Very inconsistent in terms of achieving a particular brew recipe. I grind X grams, and I expect Y grams +/- 10% in Z seconds. And with this grinder, when I first started using it, I was already disappointed. I could tell from the way the shots were pulling it was either too slow or too fast. I started measuring and documenting all of my shot weights, and it was just all over the place. I was expecting better than my Vario, which I've also had lots of complaints about before on HB. I got a leveling tool, which I really like, to rule out the tamp pressure. That helped a bunch, but I would still get the occasional choker or gusher with the grinder. Someone on here mentioned the BDB could also be the problem. And so I had a thought, let's benchmark the grinders to rule that out. Because if it's really the BDB, then we should see this problem between grinders. And lo and behold, my Vario with the new level tamper, single dosing to weight, was pulling pretty consistently. Now, it's not perfect for sure. I almost always get side spurters like this:

That almost never happens with the NZ. The NZ does seem to produce fluffier grinds than my Vario. However, it is MUCH more clumpier. Lots and lots of clumps. Overall grind distribution SEEMS to be similar. No fines in either, it seems. But, I don't have sieves to test. Maybe I could do a immersion brew with paper filter to see. Anyways, it's been mostly a disappointing experience. I was expecting better, and what I got was a bit worse for $700 USD.

In short, the NZ is over rated IMO. I love the design, the way it looks, the quiteness, the workflow, and the lack of mess with that cup. But the consistency is so far lacking. It has 1.5 lbs of coffee through it already. I just roasted 2 lbs of an natural process Gr. 1 Ethiopian Yerg to medium roast. I will dial in the grind tomorrow, pull some shots, on Sunday as well to really dial it in, then I'll do a bunch of pulls and benchmarks on Monday and collect a bunch of data. Then I'll benchmark against my Vario and post results. If it's like what I saw with my dark roast espresso blend, the NZ goes to the garbage can.


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When people show up and try to be helpful and you simply troll, it may be time to close the thread.


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Those interested in the OP's allegations and the constructive advice given to them should consult the multiple threads they have on this topic or directly related to it already.

Heard loud clunk, then grinding pitch went from high to low. Now takes a lot longer to grind. 5 yr old Baratza Vario.

Is a grinder that has consistent repeatable shot recipe unachievable?

[FS] 3 week old white Niche Zero

There are also arguably OT postings of the OP on The Niche Zero - legit?

One will also find that the OP has had quite a history of consistency problems, including What is next upgrade from Baratza Sette 270w
That's pretty interesting. I have a 2+ year old Vario that is now just super inconsistent with grinding. My shots have so much variability nowadays even between back to back shots. This morning, as an example, I pulled a nice 9 bar shot in 29 seconds with 40 grams out, 17.8 in. Right after, I made another one at 18 grams in, and almost zilch coming out. Completely choked my machine's OPV limit.

I actually hate Baratza now. They make sort of cheap crap that at the end of the day is just cheap crap. I'm ready to spend $1000+ for my final end all grinder. I'm looking at a titan flat like a Ceado e37s. I want a super stable grinder that can time out dosed shots. That's all I need.
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I suspect in the near future we will be seeing a few threads about how inconsistent the Ceado e37s is... :lol:

On a more helpful note... Does op aggressively WDT? I've found that to be the real solution for any kind of inconsistency.