Replacement Lagom Mini Burrs

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hi Guys
I got my Mini more than 12 months ago. It was the older set of burrs (I think it was 38mm) and not suitable for espresso. They now use 48mm that are ok to be used for espresso. I cannot see that I can order the 48mm burrs by itself. Can I change my burrs set for the 48mm? If I cannot get it from Lagom, is there a place where I can get that?



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If you email option-o support they can generate a link for you so that you can purchase whichever Mini burr you'd like. Moonshine burrs (I think) are $55 with shipping.

How are you liking the Mini? I was considering it but backed out of purchasing due to concerns over its durability when using for 2-3x daily espresso grinds.

Iconicred (original poster)

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The reason I got the original Mini was because I wanted a grinder for the very few times I want to do French Press. However I wanted the option to make this a "portable" grinder for espresso....
Actually Option O suggest I dont take the burrs out to change due to tight tolerances.


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Hmmm, so they don't suggest that the burrs are user replaceable? I thought having two burr options was for people to play with the two options? That would also have me concerned about replacing them due to use in the future. Interesting that they responded that way since nearly all manufacturers of grinders make the burrs rather accessible for replacement/servicing.


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There are plenty of manufacturers that don't recommend changing burrs. Kinu, 1zpresso, Timemore for example.
One of the few I know of that actively encourage it is Helor. Their 101 hand grinder uses the same 38mm burr, but uncoated, supposedly giving optimal results for 2 years. Who knows how many kilos they think people grind per year, for me it took a full year just to break in those burrs :D

The coated burrs from Option-O should last much longer in any case.


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In the original Lagom mini, the outer burr is mounted inside a holder (a sleeve of sorts) and then the 3 screws on the top plate with the 3 "ears" secure that holder to the plate... The OD of the original burrs is much smaller than the new Obsidian or Moonshine burrs.

Perhaps the 3-hole pattern on the new burrs is different than the pattern on the "holder" for the original 38mm burrs? If so, then that would necessitate changing the top plate as well which may not fit in the older original body?

Just a thought...

edited to add: Also forgot to mention that the original mini doesn't have the thrust bearing on top of that plate. The top "cap" that you turn for the adjustment has a raised lip on the bottom that rides directly on the plate. So the plates (with the 3 "ears") are definitely different...