Rancilio Rocky not grinding fine enough

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Hey all. I'm hoping some could help me regarding my Rancilio Rocker grinder. It was handed down (2003 model) from a family member. I gave it a proper clean & assembled it again. I tighten the collar until the burrs touch, move it back just a smidge and that should be my 0 position.

The problem is the holes don't line up at that position - I have to rotate the collar anti clockwise from around 6pm to 3pm. Then the holes line up & the long screw sits just next to the stopper.

I'm getting over extraction (10 sec) at the lowest setting & have tried using fresh beans. The burrs feel sharp, so not sure what to do from here. I saw some similar posts where you have to shim the burrs, but hoping it doesn't have to come to that.

Anyone experienced this before?

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Can't you just remove the hopper, rotate it a third of a turn, and put it back on?

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What I used to do, tighten burrs until they touch and magic marker mark burr location on the arrow on front above chute. Place hopper 0 in that location ( hopper screw holes might need to be moved slightly ) . Then 5-6 clicks should get you close, once dialed in mark hopper w bit of masking tape etc. You will always have alignment point.