Question for Mazzer-Doserless owners

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#1: Post by jdawg11 »

Hi all,

I'm looking for some advice from Mazzer owners who have made their Mazzer machines doserless one way or another :D .

Basically, I'm wondering whether you're single dosing and switching between beans? and whether you think the Mazzer would be suited to that task. To my mind, there's basically two advantages to single dosing (1) the coffee you're using is always the fresh coffee you just dropped in the theoretical hopper and (2) it gives you flexibility to drink more than one type of coffee at a time. I'm confident that with modification, the Mazzer grinders achieve #1, but I'm not sure about #2 given the nature of the adjustment. Of course, some new grinders like the Niche or DF64 can go between brew/espresso; I'm expecting the Mazzer can't do that but wondering whether it could easily go between two different espresso varieties.

For context, I'm trying to decide whether to pick up a used Mazzer mini and a doserless mod, or a Turn/DF64 (which are about the same price). I have a hand grinder I can use for pourover but I like to drink different coffees and decaf espresso at home.

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#2: Post by drgary »

Of course it can be used for single dosing between coffees. The trick is to use a pastry bulb to blow retained grinds from the chamber.

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#3: Post by lessthanjoey »

I have a super jolly with Daniel wong's mod. It's totally fine for multiple coffees - I typically have 6-8 open simultaneously for SO espresso and change shot by shot.

I use the included rocket blower to puff in the top, then puts in the little hole in the vertical chute to blow out the horizontal chute grinds, then knock the magnetically attached vertical chute. I'm usually within 0.1g and have no issues shot to shot with changing settings.

But know that it's also messy! Grinds definitely get blown around the counter.


#4: Post by ethiopianbuffman »

I'd get the DF64 as the workflow is much better. The sound also sounds a little better too. With the doserless mod there are multiple things you need to do to get to act like the df64 that it is just not worth it IMO unless it like less than 400 out the door.

jdawg11 (original poster)

#5: Post by jdawg11 (original poster) »

Hi thanks everyone! I'm new and couldn't check replies properly :| but this is all super helpful.

@lessthanjoey that's exactly my question/use case so thank you! I'm glad to hear it can work and definitely see how the blower could get messy...

@ethiopianbuffman you've hit it on the head for me, the workflow seems better on the DF64. I think I could get the mini and mod for less than 400 total, but it's more a question of whether that means I'm getting a slight headache in workflow to ensure no headaches down the line (If the df64 breaks, not sure anyone will have the parts to repair it).

But, I'm grateful for all the input!

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#6: Post by Marcelnl »

I use the Major doserless but with a micro hopper containing about 1/2 a day's worth of beans. No single dosing as I cannot be bothered to spoon feed the beans to get an even grind, I do remove the (D Wong) chute to clean the exit after each dose.

Works brilliantly for me, I usually have like 3-4 different roasts in stock and this system allows me to rotate through them as I please.
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#7: Post by boshk »

I have a mazzer mini too and tried single dosing.
Like the above comment, you need a way to 'blow' the coffee beans and coffee grinds down and out of the chute.

I tried the manual way, hand cupping the top and using a hand squeeze blower.....fine coffee powder gets everywhere.
Tried blowing the chute by opening the cover....same thing...powder everywhere.

Another way....
Use cheap tamper as a lid to stop popping of beans
small brush for brushing remaining beans into burrs
small brush to get the coffee grind out of chute
blower to get the last remaining grind out

The kit made by Daniel in Taiwan looks like the cleanest way.