Putting the Fellow Ode back together

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I swapped out the burrs in my Ode gen 2 (from SSP to Gen 2) and despite reviewing the excellent video and instructions I went down a bad path. I ended up taking the inner dial assembly apart by accident, and removed the front plate whose 4 screws are covered with rubber. (This is the plate that the face plate attaches to).

I can't get the front plate back in. There is a rubber gasket, and I'm not sure if it needs to be force fit or if I've got it in wrong.

The manual doesn't show the front plate as a removable thing. I wrote to Fellow but am not sure I even made sense.

Has anyone removed the front plate with the rubber gasket and gotten it back in?

Glacier21 (original poster)

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Looks like the part I can't reattach is the "spring plate."