Purpose of spring under doser vanes of Mazzer Super Jolly

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ricky analog

#1: Post by ricky analog »

Does anyone know if the spring underneath the top set of vanes in the doser of the super jolly is necessary? I was cleaning mine the other day and when I was looking at it I couldn't figure out what the purpose of it was. I put it back together without it to see how it works and there seems to be no difference in its operation.

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#2: Post by Marcelnl »

With the nut on top of the star shaped sweeper you can adjust the dose each compartment contains, you adjust its height...unscrewing the nut makes the compartment higher and more coffee weight is dosed.
The spring is needed for that sweeper adjustment and possibly also to keep the sweeper vanes in close contact with the bottom of the doser.
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Randy G.

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The extendable doser vanes are made to be used in a shop where the doser is kept full (or mostly so. One sweep of the lever for a single or two for a double I would assume. On my Kony I removed the upper vane and the silver plate that "slices off" the dose. But I single dose, so that might not work for you.
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ricky analog

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awesome. thanks friends!

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#5: Post by JmanEspresso »

With my mazzers in the past, I was always back and forth on removing the silver "slice plate" that levels out the amount per pie slice so you can setup an amount to get per doser level pull(again, if the doser is full of coffee at least halfway)

Pretty much always been a single doser as well.. My thing with removing the slice plate, or not, was, I couldnt turn the grinder on and grind my dose while I was doing something else, like for example, wiping the PF clean and getting it ready to dose into. The Major grinds so fast and at such high RPM(its a flat burr, 83mm), it shoots the ground coffee out the chute and clear across the doser to the far wall. It does eventually build up a little bit in the chute, slowing down the exit, but there is always a constant spray of coffee across the doser. WITHOUT the slice plate in place, about 1/3 or more of the dose, ends up outside the doser, so you need to keep the PF there while grinding. Than again, with it INPLACE, its one more thing inside the doser you need to make sure sweeps clean.

The K10, Ive left the slice plate in. The doser does a fine job of sweeping it clean.

Randy Im gonna guess you dont experience this "coffee fling" with the Kony, because like the K10 I currently have, the lower RPMS of the conical burrs dont shoot the coffee out of the chute, but rather "sausage" them out?
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#6: Post by Marcelnl »

I am usimg a plastic film 'flap' in front of the chute hanging from the doser lid (double sided tape) to prevent that, same as with my previous (grinder super jolly). Works just great.
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