Pulled the trigger on a Lyn Weber EG-1 Onyx. Any recommendations?

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So, my EG-1 Onyx is going to arrive in a few days. It has the CORE burrs pre-installed and it will also come with the ULTRA SSP burrs (emailed Weber Workshops and they told me they could not pre-install the ULTRA burrs at the moment).

Until I buy an espresso machine, I will use the EG-1 for filtered coffee, and I will continue to use my HG-1 and Niche Zero for my Cafelat Robot. I mainly use medium and light roasts and typically brew with several pour-over cones (e.g., V60, Kalita, Origami, Yasukiyo, Torch) and a Chemex.

I am curious to see if you have any recommendations for the EG-1 v.2; I read both the original EG-1 and the EG-1 v.2 threads, but I still have some questions. Also, the Weber Workshops website changed and several pages (e.g., the old basics, dialing in, features pages) cannot be accessed anymore, as they redirect you to the main page. In their place, they have "updated" pages but some important bits are missing, like the dialing-in page.

In any case, my questions are:

1. Any RPMs recommendations? Would you recommend different RPMs depending on the EG-1 version (v.1/v.2), which burrs you have, coffee types, etc? How so?
2. Any input on seasoning/breaking in the burrs?
3. What the hell are these wipers for: https://weberworkshops.com/products/eg-1-spare-wipers? Is it important to change them if not in a commercial setting?
4. Any other recommendations?

When it arrives, I will post some pics if anyone is interested in the new color of the EG-1.



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antonioriojas90 wrote: 3. What the hell are these wipers https://weberworkshops.com/products/eg-1-spare-wipers? Is it important to change them if not in a commercial setting?
When you clean the grinder by taking the two funnel caps off, you can inspect the wipers. They are extremely easy to change and making sure they are in good condition helps lower retention.

On my EG-1 with both the original burrs and now the CORE DB1, I get a lot of static with course grind settings for pour over. It's the only time I use RDT. I don't for espresso. Also, there's going to be more static until the burrs season--at least that's been my experience.

A Rocket Air Blaster is essential. It's just a few bucks and helps unstick beans that get stuck on the way down. https://www.amazon.com/Giottos-AA1900-R ... B00017LSPI

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On my v.2 with CORE burrs, I do most of my grinding at 800rpm. I've found slower rpm results in less fines produced and less clogging of the filters for pour overs. I wouldn't be too concerned about breaking in the burrs, especially if your using it for pour overs. I spritz the beans with water before I grind and always dump the bean in with the grinder running. Enjoy, it's a great piece of gear.


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The EG-1 is a fantastic bit of kit. Well thought out ergonomically and aesthetically. You will enjoy it.

1) I have been running it at 450rpm. Similar Range of speed to what I'm using on the Monolith Flat and MAX.

2) I would say not to worry too much about break-in. The grind will shift finer as you use it. Adjust it to taste as you would for any new bean.

3) The wipers are located in the removable grind chamber which is a two-piece collar held together by magnets. Pull down (firmly) and then pull the two pieces apart to reveal the burrs. You will see the wipers.

4) My suggestion is to take the wipers off before even using the unit. Return the grind chamber pieces to their place to cover the burrs. Turn the unit on and turn down the speed as low as it goes. Slowly turn the dial towards the finer range until you hear the first evidence of chirping. That is your ZERO point. Mark it. Now open your grind chamber again. Inspect the alignment with either shims or calipers. Check if it is in need of alignment. It might not need it. If it does, contact them to see what you need to do to align it. And FYI, "feeling with your fingertips" is not something I would accept as an answer... others might, but I don't.

It's better to identify any alignment issues before even an ounce of beans hits the burrs. It will save you from having to meticulously clean it prior.

Have fun and enjoy!
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I also pulled the trigger on an EG-1 from their latest batch, not the ONYX though. It is a pain to get it started without a user manual and without basic instructions available on the new website. Douglas has not been responsive on this issue so far, let's hope that this changes...

I'll be happy to share my insights once I have any. :)


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First, congratulations are in order!

I wouldn't worry about break-in. It was a non-issue with my unit and others have said the same.

Haven't located any study results on variable speed grinders.

Also, am using 1000rpm with excellent results.


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Here's a link to a study on RPM effect on grind distribution:



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Big thanks to everyone for their recommendations. Unfortunately, I won't be able to test them for a while. Turns out that customs in the country where I live (Mexico) wants me to get a third-party certification to demonstrate that the grinder complies with who knows what electrical federal regulation. This, plus taxes, plus paying storage for like a month would cost me around US+$2,500.00. Right now, my EG-1 is just sitting at the airport...so close and yet so far. Anyway, I am thinking of rerouting it to the US, which means I won't be able to play with it in a couple of months. :?


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That seriously sucks, Antonio :(

Perhaps if you visit the customs folks in person and see what they have to say, they might have suggestions that are far less expensive and with minimal delay. Just a thought...


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culturesub wrote:Here's a link to a study on RPM effect on grind distribution:

Finally, something has appeared. Thanks, CS, for this link:


An idea popped up while reading it... It might be possible to tweak an already-close dial-in with the rpm.

From what I read, using base setting of 1000 rpm is just fine.