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Don't know if this is still an option but burr honing it worked out very well for me! :idea:

Looking for someone to test some prototype gear
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Jonk wrote:Amen.

On the contrary, it seems that all this talk about alignment leads to some users doing this first thing, then complain about the alignment without even mentioning if they're able to brew espresso and what it tastes like. It's a bit tiring really.

I just did the lock test with my 064 fitted with SSP LSv1 (inner burr sitting on the unpolished casting, so I know alignment is off). A whopping 126µm from the first tiny chirps to full lock. It won't grind fine enough for light roasts, but with dark roasts it is certainly possible, repeatable and the taste is pretty good.

That post was accurate at the time, but now only for the 078. Timemore changed the thread pitch for the other models, including 064.

It's better to count grooves on the side of the dial. Each groove equals 3µm burr movement* for 064, 064S and 078S and 5µm on the 078.

*ignoring things like thread slop and the impossibility to set it to that accurancy.

My 078 moves 110µm from first chirp to full burr lock. That's with the "turbo"/hybrid ghost burrs, perhaps adding another variable.. I'm not at all convinced what the value tells us.
A niche due is often 120µm between the two points so I don't know how much it really says, likely nothing. Mine with ssp none aligned was approximately 78µm between first touch and burr lock. But as I viewed the usable range as decent enough for light roast I decided not to mess with it.

But again I don't know how useful that number is. Again what micron measurement are we dealing with, not all grinders use the same. So we might compare apples and oranges. And as someone already explained it might not say anything really about alignment as with many of these we are dealing with the classic italian espresso grinder floating carrier or the one where you move the motor assembly.

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I suggested it for the Sculptor!
The main purpose I see is that people could get a reliable number which could ideally tell them don't shim it's good enough how it is. At least that was my intention when I posted it in the Sculptor chat.
As far as I am concerned micrometers are micrometers no matter the grinder ;)

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Yes it would only work for specific grinders, but not as a general approach as this split off thread otherwise would indicate.