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I know from searching this grinder-forum that there are some owners of Profitec T 64 here.
You must be the best group to answer my question as I get different answers from different salesmen.

I want to try updating my standard burrs to SSP burrs but as they are very expensive I would like to be certain that they fits in the Profitec T 64 before ordering. Maybe some of you have tried.

I want to know if SSP red speed High uniformity 64mm burrs fit in the Profitec T 64.

I am not dissatisfied with the Profitec - just curious if it would be an improvement.

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Well nobody knows anything - it seems !

But here is some knowledge I have found (the expensive way ;()

ECM S64 and Profitec T64 use the same burr set - according to the Profitec compagny

The SSP 64mm does fit in size - BUT it does not function as it is constructed to cut clockwise
Don't ask me how I found out !!

Now my challenge is to find a SSP HU burr set 64mm "Lefthanded"

The SSP company produces this BUT WHERE TO BUY

Some help needed ;)


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I don't know if the T64 motor is DC or single phase AC with capacitor, but in either case you should be able to reverse the direction by changing the wiring. Easiest in the DC motor, where all you need to do is reverse the DC input polarity.

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While changing direction is fairly straightforward if the windings/terminals are accessible, note on some grinders the sweepers around the burr are directional. (I do not know about the T64.) On those grinders, if the motor is reversed, then the sweepers will be aiming coffee grounds back into the burrs and/or away from the grinds exit chute, which could cause retention/re-grind issues. BTDT :oops:.
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Hadn't thought about that. Good point!