Problem of La Marzocco Swift Mini grinder

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#1: Post by clwang05 »

Hi all,

I recently got my swift mini. The automatic tamping has a problem. Some coffee powder will be built up at the edge of the filter basket. I tried all of the 3 baskets come with the grinder but the situation is the same.

Does anyone know how to solve the problem?



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Down dose?

clwang05 (original poster)

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Down dose is useless.

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#4: Post by HB »

Check out the La Marzocco Swift Mini Review for some usage tips. The dosing goes by the level (not weight or time), so how well the basket fills (or not) matters. Judging from your photo, I would check if the discharge tube is clogged; if you raise the grinder section like you're grinding for pourover, you can easily check visually without removing the dispersion "fan".
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clwang05 (original poster)

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I found it's weird that the impeller I have is not the same as the one showing on swiftmini parts catalog.

The impeller has a hole to put an o-ring (H.1.032) at the parts catalog.

I think the o-ring is important to avoid the issue but I don't know why mine doesn't have it.


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Did you get any resolution on your problem with the Swift Mini? I have had mine for about two years. Been happening on and off starting about a month in after purchase and now more frequently.

Causes a huge mess and wastes a ton of coffee.

Any ideas?